2007-12-10 08:17 am
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Bethany's Back (on Boston Legal) Yay!

Aaaand, BETHANY is back on Boston Legal! I forgot to mention anything about it when I saw the show last week, but I was so happy to see the actress and the character back on Boston Legal, and opposite Shirley (Candice Bergman) to boot! Yay!  And I also loved how Shirley admitted she didn't necessarily *like* Bethany, but she *respected* her abilities and looked forward to tangling with her again in the courtroom. 

I think Bethany adds a very needed firecracker personality to Boston Legal which it's sorely lacking. Alan is muted, Shirley is muted, and the other two women on the show are mild and have different uses.  
2007-07-04 11:41 pm
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More Cast Changes for Boston Legal!   this is looking like a real machevellian season coming on. Denny to be threatened? Oh my! 

2007-06-10 03:42 pm
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OD on Boston Legal Main Titles!

There have been NINE changes to the Boston Legal main titles during a 55 episode run, so far. Take a look here!  Scroll down to the third post in the thread. It's fun!

And if you want to see Jerry Espensen's special main title, where he sings the main title song to Shirley, it's here on the front page of the site. Just scroll down a bit, you'll see it!
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2007-06-05 06:47 pm
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More Boston Legal cast stuff (but not a spoiler)

I'll try and make this as coherent as possible. I had NO IDEA that the actress who plays Bethany went through a personal crisis back in March. It would explain the sudden cut-down in her role on Boston Legal during that time.  Her husband, who played the dwarf doctor that um...what'shername, the goofy forensics girl on NCIS was romantically interested in, killed himself. She appeared on one of those celeb shows Entertainment Tonight? Anyhow, that website that I posted a link to on that earlier spoiler post has a video clip of her interview on that show.   They looked great together on another clip that they showed.  So sad. 

(thinking about it, I seem to remember something about it way back when, but still...)

2007-06-05 11:56 am
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Boston Legal updates on the cast


Here's who is leaving: (and I'll put it under a cut if there is concern about spoilage!