Jul. 4th, 2007

gategrrl: (Black Shiva)

I finally got around to watching the first episode of the first season of 24 about a week ago. 

It was good. But it was distracting to be watching it, and thinking (as I'm watching) "Okay, this is where they ratchet up the tension by adding another layer of OOPS! and then here is where they do this, and then that, and lead in with a larger problem..."    It was like clockwork, a very effiecient script set-up of the show, and how it was going to go.

I thought there was a trite aspect, with the second-in-command being very very pretty with great facial bones and looking dark whereas the wife was blonde; and the SIC having trouble with an underling who has trouble taking commands from her - it really bothered me that she had to beg that dipshit to do something for her, and that moreover, there were rumors that she and Jack had had an affair. I have no idea at this point if it's based in "truth" or not.   But it's such a tired trope. 

Overall, though, I was impressed at the number of women that had roles in the show. The Wife; The Daughter; The presidential candidate's wife and the presidential candidate's manager/assistant; the SIC at the terrorist unit; and another Abby-like young woman specializing in cracking codes or telephone connections or something like that at the unit.  I was *especially* pleased to see the actress who played the candidate's wife. She was on DS9...Penny...darn it, can't remember her last name, but it was great seeing her in this show. It was like seeing an old friend. She's still as lovely as ever, and I love her presence on the screen.

Going by a list that Nialla had up on her LJ about What Jack Bauer Would Do, which was hilarious, even though I don't know the character or the show well at all, I can see EVERY facet already emerging in Jack in his first appearance in this episode. This guy will do anything to figure out what the heck is going on. He's scary. I don't think the other side (whomever they are) have any idea what he will do and how far he'll go to do it. 

I haven't watched the second episode yet mostly because. Hmm. Not sure why. Even though I could tell exactly how they were ratcheting up the suspense with the multi-screens (very neat use of that device) and hanging situations and everything was pretty much textbook with the beats, it was effective. I might need a trank to watch the rest of the series.

More Cast Changes for Boston Legal!   this is looking like a real machevellian season coming on. Denny to be threatened? Oh my! 



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