I've come to the realization that I'm hooked on CSI.  Every night I lie down on the couch and watch the two to three hours the recorder records off of Spike TV and watch. And OMG, since I've been watching the earlier seasons, before it became more like it's glitzier spin-offs Miami and New York, I actually LIKE Grissom now. And Sarah. And although the writing is uneven here and there, at least in the earlier seasons the characters interacted, and now I "get" what other folks were saying about "Team" on this show.  Don't know if I'd look up fic for it.  And Nick Stokes is a babe, alright.   And some fans are going to roll their eyes at this, but I saw the Ship Development between Grissom and Sarah happening from way in the beginning - from like, the first six episodes.  I don't know how I feel about it, exactly, but I'm not up in arms about it. Hey, NOT a shipper here. After all, they did "flirt" with the idea of Willows and Warrick for a while, I noticed.  Well, as long as the affair between Grissom and Sarah is dealt with realisitically - for example, Grissom is reprimanded, or Sarah has to be moved to day-shift or go to another facility in another city (can you imagine her in "Crossing Jordan"? LOL) I'll go with it.

I'm not totally caught up yet, but I have realized (after finding an episode list) that I've caught a lot of season ... five? or four? before. Which might explain why I wasn't thrilled with the characters. Somewhere along the way, they all lost their souls to the Neilson machine and the glitz.

Improbably, (and Heather will probably grin at this) I've gotten sort-of hooked on CSI: Vegas Fantasy Fashion Forensics.  The show itself is as campy as a National Forest; and the leaping to conclusions could carry them across the Brooklyn Bridge in a single bound. (and where in HELL does any forensics city/state unit afford such fast computers and jazzy flatscreen monitors in the offices?).  

I've been watching it for the cardboard characters. It's amazing though: the cardboard isn't nearly as stiff as ones in Stargate at this point. I mean, I've noticed that Nick, who was buried alive, has reactions to insects and being in enclosed spaces. Sarah isn't nearly as annoying as I thought she was. Grissom is still Mr-Stick-Up-My-Ass. Guess the actor just doesn't appeal to me. And I do enjoy the older detective guy. The blond woman? Not so much. What's the purpose of having actual detectives on this show if the forensics people are forever interviewing the perps? That's nonsense, frankly. They'd be in their labs while the actual cops were doing the interviewing.

And there are so many plot holes, buttressed up by bad dialogue. And the women, like in another show I know, are written atrociously.

My favorite character right now is the nerdy-but-marginally-good-looking lab guy. He's the ONLY one who comes across as someone who'd actually be working in a forensics unit. And he's caustic. I like caustic. He'll bring up idiotic plot points and behaviors of the other characters and earn a cheer from me, in just about every show. Huh. Okay. I'd say I'm pretty much watching for this actor/character, and the absurd stories, so that I can poke holes in them.
I love the library system. I especially love the interlibrary loan system [even if it's a PITA for librarians :-(  ] 

Last night, there was nothing else (really) on television, so I surfed through some cable stations, and the syndie listing for CSI: Miami caught my eye:  the CSI team track a bloody toddler back to her home, to find her family murdered. Except for her father, of course.  I stayed to watch because this particular episode involved a particular type of killer that fascinates me - in a purely WTF are you, mister! kind of way. I think it goes back to that movie that featured a killer in the early seventies who murdered his family, but nobody found them until a month later. 

Anyway. So, I'm watching the Miami episode, and of course they delve into the grossness of the crime (altho not as badly as some eps of the original CSI), but the whole way through the episode, I'm feeling like I'm jumping because someone is scratching that ole blackboard with their finger nails.  I've decided it was partly the jumpy cutting, the jumpy scenes and the irritating characters. The characters weren't out-and-out FU I HATE YOU in their irritatingness. It was more like, show some fucking emotion, will you guys? Even toward each other there was no emotion. If I want to see that sort of character interaction, I'll go watch Stargate thankyouverymuch!  Of course the killer turned out to be the Dad, but I have to admit, this particular time, the script was written well enough plot-wise that they kept me half-guessing and interested enough in the clue-gathering, that I stuck with it.  

Then, on another channel, was CSI: Original Fashion Forensics. I've no idea what season it was. But it involved the rather disgusting crime of a nurse having her throat slashed in a fancy bathroom, and her doctor paramour also killed and divvied up into parts and thrown out in the trash. Okay, that's a grossness I can get into, as long as they don't focus on the ickiness too much, which, fortunately, they didn't. Either that or I'm starting to get my tolerance back for gore. Must be all the horror and Stephen King novels I've been reading lately.

Onward to the show. What REALLY REALLY irritated me about THIS episode of CSI: OFF, is that the nurse in question, for no reason at all, is almost Sara's twin. Or could be. It hits Gilly really hard (the twinness), and he stays up for days and days and days at the crime scene with no sleep or food in order to solve the crime.  All because the dead nurse chickylooks like Sara. Okay, I could live with that. He keeps Sara out of the crime scene by making her do the perimeter search. Why, I had no idea, and neither did any of the characters. It didn't make any sense at all. After all, Sara is a grown-up girl, and just because someone looks like her while she does her job, doesn't mean she's going to fall apart, does it?  Apparently Gill seems to think so. What a jerk.

So Gilly goes ahead and does cell phone conferencing from the crime scene, does some Medium shots...there's another show that also shows the person in the scene while it re-enacts -- oh! That's right! Crossing Jordan! That's where I saw it first, years ago. Anyway.  At the very end of the show, Gilly and that Detective (whom I like very much, he's a very grounded actor and character and gives the whole series it's only dose of "reality") sit in the interrogation room with the guy who they figure out murdered the nurse and her doctor-lover, and Gilly, (after the Detective leaves) starts in on this siloquay, sort of, since it's aimed at the perp, but he's really talking about himself - and talks about how awful it is to work with someone and yet not be able to have a relationship with them (fucking, in other words) that perhaps could lead into bigger and better things. 

Of course, the camera pulls away and you see Sara standing there on the other side of the one-way mirror (in the hall-way? huh?) listening to Gill's heartfelt admission that he has the hots for her.   Gag. Me.

I admit that Sara's actress, who usually bugs the crap out of me, played her scenes very understated and well in this episode. She didn't irritate me, which I'm shocked to say.  But that last scene did. 

He is HER BOSS. He should transfer her OUT. Or STFU about his desires while on the job. I don't like Gill's actor, either, nor the character, since I think he/both have major sticks up their asses.  His overwrought scenes (in CSI terms) were the real killers on this episode. I'm not even a regular watcher of this series or the Miami series, but if it weren't for the occasionally semi-well-written puzzle here and there, I'd never watch these shows. The liberties they take with procedure and the role of the forensics experts and the detectives they work with are simply appalling.  

Crossing Jordan does it so much better. The UST, the character caring and interactions...the quirkiness.



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