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Remember that scene in Fight Club where the main character shows how he urinated in a tank full of soup?

Three idiots in Australia decided to one-up the movie by adding something more dangerous to some hamburges as a joke:

Two ill after eating burgers laced with multi-purpose cleaner in Australia

A prank by three young kitchen staff at Hungry Jack's fast food restaurant in the Central-Western New South Wales city of Bathurst went wrong when two customers required medical treatment after eating burgers they had laced with multi-purpose cleaner.

According to staff at the Emergency Department of Bathurst Hospital, two Hungry Jack's customers became ill Sunday night after eating burgers contaminated with a chemical believed to be multi-purpose cleaner. One of the patrons was in a serious condition upon arrival at Bathurst Hospital due to being allergic to an ingredient in the cleaning product. "He presented to the emergency department as he was having an allergic reaction after eating a burger from Hungry Jacks, he was in a really bad way when he arrived here and if he had waited much longer it could have been much worse," said a Greater Western Area Health Service employee. "We called Hungry Jacks and they said that three of their employees had been goofing off and sprayed multi-purpose cleaner inside the burgers so we then treated the patients for poisoning."

More if you click this link.

But whoa: the chimps who sprayed the cleaner onto the burgers are still employed by the burger joint? I hope they're not allowed near the food. I hope they're made to lick the toilets clean. Why weren't they fired immediately?

Date: 2010-08-25 01:37 am (UTC)
superbadgirl: (basic insanity)
From: [personal profile] superbadgirl
Demons I get. People are crazy.

Seriously, I don't know what would possess anyone to "goof off" by poisoning hamburgers. Did they think the "danger: do not ingest" warning on the label was also a joke? The punchline, right?



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