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I guess Darth is a little hard-up, eh? Click the link to see the picture.

A man dressed as the Star Wars antagonist Darth Vader robbed a bank in Setauket, New York. The robber was dressed in a character themed mask and blue cape. Armed with a hand gun, the robber stole an undetermined amount of cash from the Chase bank branch.

The robber entered the bank saying that he was robbing it. Customers initially thought it was a joke and began laughing. Detective William Lamb of the Suffolk County Police Department said that one customer attempted to tackle the robber and was attacked. He is seen cowering in the background of surveillance photographs. The robber then approached a teller and demanded cash while brandishing a weapon.

This robbery is the latest in a string of odd bank robberies in the New York metropolitan area. Yesterday the New York Police Department arrested a man robbing banks, while carrying flowers and potted plants. Police are also looking for an apparent cross dressing robber who stuck up a bank in Long Island.

Information from: Wikinews, http://www.wikinews.org

Image: Suffolk County Police Department.

It's not totally humorous, of course: Darth beat up a customer who tried to stop him (the Force was not with the poor man). Where are those stupid little Ewoks when you need them?

New York has all the fun. Jeez: they've even got a cross-dressing robber in Long Island hitting the banks, too!
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