Mythbusters is hands down my favorite reality/science show. Why? Well, it's fun as hell. Sure, they like explosions and making things go boom. But what I appreciate the most is how the producers show (or used to show) the process of how the cast figured out how to test the different myths. It's slowly edged away from showing them using equations to figure out what they need, and how they decide to use one machine instead of another. But hey, it's still using the scientific method, and got my daughter and son interested in how science works. Now, that ain't bad at all for a "silly" science show. I wish Junkyard Wars was still on, since that had a lot of the same sort of cleverness in it, too. Ah well.

Unfortunately, as the show moves on in years, and has settled down with its cast, I'm finding myself missing, more and more, Scottie Chapman. She featured in the earlier seasons, and it was absolutely awesome (truly) how they showed Scottie, famed for her tattoos, soldering metal, cutting metal, working with metal, making the gadgets the team used to figure out how to prove or disprove the sometimes WTF myths they were supposed to bust.

Here's Scottie, if you don't remember who she is, exactly:
Now, Kari Byron (see the above picture)--she was trained as a fine artist, and does do some work on the show demolishing things--but more often than not, you see her taking a back-seat to the guys. IE, they'll be jumping out of airplanes or bungee jumping while she's driving the car. (she may have been pregnant during those shoots, so, okay, no problem there)  But she's not quite as involved in the down and dirty machining as Scottie was.

And when Scottie was there at the same time as Kari, you got some great scenes with just the two of them science geeking it out. They had a decent dynamic, and it was a great relief from all the testosterone that flowed on the set later on. Sure, they're all science/explosion/SFX geeks on Mythbusters, but I really miss having two women simultaneously on the show, sometimes in the same scenes, working on the same projects.

Don't get me wrong; it's still my favorite go-to show when I want to watch something fun, clever, silly (except when Ghost Adventures fills that bill nicely and I want male eye-candy) and with a mystery to be worked out.

But Mythbusters: can't you please have another woman on the set? And not just a "mythtern". A full-fledged Mythbuster team member. It would make THIS fan happy as happy can be. It's a mystery that should be busted as to why there's only one woman now on the cast.
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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to write a short article on a subject some of you brought up when Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros series came up in conversation (as a group, you converted me, and I really like the series) a few months ago. It's been in my head ever since. The brief subject was, "I will never read a book with a female lead character and only read books with male lead characters."

Can you tell me more about this? Why this is so? Have you ever broken your own rule, and regretted it, or did not regret reading a female protag lead book but figured it was a fluke and you wouldn't do it again? Or the female POV just isn't interesting to you, even if the male POV is written by a woman (which you'd figure, is filtered through a female's POV anyhow).

All I have to go on are the reasons *I* think why, but I'd like to hear your own reasons, if you wouldn't mind telling me more about it. I think it's fascinating. I'm kind of in the same camp, but I have my own biases.



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