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I spoke briefly with one of the owners of the house that caught fire yesterday. I had the impression that the fire had avoided most of the house (except the roof) but apparently their insurance companies are telling them the place is a loss. They're getting some,but not all, of the money they need to rebuild. The fire swooshed down their chimney and scorched the *inside* their house wrecking it completely. I hadn't realized it was that bad. Should have figured it out. The roof has holes galore in it, smoke billowed out of the ac unit (you can see that in this picture).

I'm glad the insurance companies aren't giving them a hard time. It totally was NOT their fault at all.


Yeah, roosters. Some of you may remember back a few months ago, I wrote about our neighbors who built a chicken coop and stocked it with three hens and one big cock. 

The Guy and I noticed about a week or so ago, a rooster crowing. It wasn't overly noisy; it sounded muffled, so we were able to just let it go. It wasn't particularly obvious, so live and let live, as they say.

However, yesterday, the Guy noticed that they have TWO roosters crowing away, and they aren't muffled anymore. TWO, people. There's one with a deep voice, and another who sounds like he should be singing for The Phantom of the Opera.

I'm going to have to call animal control again. Hopefully I won't get the same person as last time, who said to me, "You DO realize that roosters crow?"

No. Shit. Sherlock.

Although this isn't anywhere NEAR as bad and loud as that house next to a flock of geese  it's still annoying.

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For those who are glued to the computer screen wondering what the heck Gategrrl's crazy neighbors come up with THIS time!
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Sunday was a real animal day at house.

Our Neighbors have a chicken. A brown, skinny, ugly chicken with a black beak and raw bony legs and beady black eyes with a cunning chicken intelligence hidden deep behind them. This bird is the replacement for another chicken of theirs that pecked away at their (now MIA) bitch, who then ripped the former birds' throat out. The chicken and her cock almost never leave their yard. I left at 11am to go the Science Museum on Sunday. Hubby left a short time later.

He had a surprise when he saw a tall skinny brown chicken parked on a part of our fence right next to our gate - only a few feet from our front door. Bwak! It just stood there, tilting its head at him with a "What the fuck you lookin' at? You lookin' at ME? You lookin' at me, you shit?" beady eye, and he left it alone, thinking, stupid bird will go home.

Two hours later, he drove back home to get some work going there, too - and the bird is on the same perch, right next to our front gate, cocking its head and giving him the bird version of a Fuck You Too, Buddy. After cleaning up Goldy's snacky from under Mermaid's bed, and having some lunch, the bird was still there. He ended up scaring it away.

I'm thinking, it's too bad Goldy was too full for the Joy of the Chase. We're thinking of getting them a goat for Xmas.

Neighbor, who has seven puppies without a mother, that are eight weeks old now, is trying to ... I'm trying to figure out a way to say this nicely ... "convince" surrounding neighbors to take the babies in by letting their kids "borrow" the puppies to take home for a little when their parents are home.

Mermaid brought home her favored puppy, who I admit is adorable, like a teddy bear is adorable, BUT Goldy wasn't so thrilled, and after a short bit gave the little interloper his patented "Get away From ME!" growl. That finally convinced Mermaid that the dog we already have is not going to take another dog in the house gracefully or happily. Puppy went home, and I was not convinced, either. I don't want to end up taking care of a baby *again*.



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