2005 Valentine Book 2005 Valentine Book

The red ribbon tapes were pulled through the spine of the book and tied. The ribbon tie is threaded through the center tie.
2005 Valentine Book 2005 Valentine Book

A close-up of the detail.
2005 Valentine Book 2005 Valentine Book

A view of the book from the text edge.
2005 Valentine Book 2005 Valentine Book

One of the title pages in the book.

I'm doing that a lot lately.

Somehow I got myself sort of challenged to write a Real Kidfic, not one of those "miniJack" stories I write here and there (and am now done with). As in, genuine SG kidfic. There was a discussion on [livejournal.com profile] superbadgirl's LJ about how few decent kidfics are out there. And then someone called me twisted - you had to have been there - and now, I've got a kidfic challenge. On top of an old challenge by someone else to write a fic with sex in a public place. (you know who you are) (I think)

On other news, I've gotten the next Valentine book sewn up, and now have to make the cover and then attach the text block to that...then attach the actual text blocks...

Oh yeah, and I have to put a red cover onto one of the Convention Journals that someone ordered. Better do that now. I think I can have it ready by tomorrow.
I finished the "prototype" book, and have decided I'm going to use a different method to sew the signatures together for the other three books. Instead of sewing each signature (folded leaves of paper) into the spine using the pamphlet stitch, I'm going to use the traditional method of sewing over "tapes", or ribbons, in this case. What this means is that the signatures are attached by stitches onto three tapes.

Generally, in coventional book-binding, the tapes are then attached to the bookboard with adhesive, and then the endpapers are adhered over them to hide them, making the book solidly put together. In this case, I'm going to thread the tapes through the spine and tie them together on the outside.

Why would I do that? The tapes I'm using here are a red ribbon, and tied over the spine, they'll make a nice effect. Plus, I think it'll lessen the tension when the reader opens the book.

The main reason I'm changing the method of sewing the signatures on, is the change in one of the page details. If you look at the photos I put up, the beaded braiding on the pages is very thick, and I couldn't sew the pages together tightly, like I usually would. The new beaded tape is flat ribbon and has hardly any bulk (compared to the green stuff). Therefore...the change.

Yes, thank you for reading, especially since this is such a gripping subject! I'll post photos, or their URLs, to show what I mean.
But they're frelling HUGE, so I'm just going to post the URLs to the photographs themselves instead of hiding them behind an LJ cut.

The book as it looks open

Detail showing the beading

The cover, with a glimpse of the copper paper lining.

Handsewn glass beads at the head of the book.

I'm not sure if the other books are going to have that beading detail up at the top, but, they might.

Thanks for all who helped me figure this pesky Tag problem!
There's a reason that the first book I make in a series is called the Prototype. That's the first book I make my "mistakes" on, figure out how the seperate components go together, and if the textures and materials don't clash, etc. And, since I don't make hard-covered books everyday, especially not unconventional hard-covered books (it's been years)...well...shit happens.

Nothing huge. I'm making some small changes -- I went to the craft/cloth store and discovered they now had plenty of red ribbon with dangly beads on them, so I snapped up three. These new ribbons should have less bulk, so I'll be able to sew the signatures closer together. But these books are way more work intensive than I expected: but now that I know what I'm doing, yay! The next three should be done more quickly. But I guess I'm keeping this one, unless the first person who ordered one of these books would prefer to have it for sure in her hands before she goes to her convention.


Got the cover on, and the book looks great! I can see the roses woven into the pattern much better with it stretched and glued onto the boards, and then attached to the text. This book is more solid and yes, my technique is stronger with this one than last years, when I used an utterly new sewing method.
Well, I've finished the pages (pretty much, except for some small details) of the first book. This is the trial run, in which I figure out how the hell I'm going to put all the pieces together so that they all fit.

Thing is, if I put as much detail in it as I'd like, I'd never finish the things. Ooops, I just remembered I have to email the folks who want a copy and tell them the books are in progress.

I'll take a few digital photos and stick them here when it's a little further along. Although, a warning here: this one isn't my usual style, and might be a little ... er ... fancy for some tastes. With all the jangly beading on the bottom of the pages, it's quite the little bracelet of a book.
I ended up taking my two kids with me to the craft store to get the stuff to make the books -- it was just as distracting as I thought it would be, grrrrr. I had to take them for reasons I won't go into right now. But I managed to pick out the best beaded fringing for the text pages (from those that were available) -- the colors aren't traditional for Valentine's Day, but I don't like to go full-out traditional.

The blue cloth is just as nice as it was when I picked it out yesterday, yay!

The beaded fringe is green, with a fancier (and thicker) edging tape to it than I would have preferred, but it works. And I rediscovered a silvery text paper I had tucked up on a shelf somewhere that I *think* fits in without distracting from the other colors. There's a heavy bronze paper that I bought some time ago that I may use for the "end paper", but it's pretty intensely metallic bronze -- but I have some bronzey ethnic metal beads that I might be able to use to help tie it together.

It's a *small* book, too -- the text pages are only 6x4inches.

Instead of buying decorated fabric tape/ribbon, I remembered, jeez, I have all those rubber stamps from LAST year, FCOL! I'll use those with a fabric ink pad.

The only thing I wish that I had for the book are three illustrations (manips or screencaps) of daniel/sha're (2-romantic) and daniel/jack (1-friendship).
The Valentine Book (if I haven't explained this before) is a book I make whenever OS has a Valentine's Day Challenge. The challenge was started last year, in 2004, by [livejournal.com profile] frahulettaes. The first year it got a fantastic response. The fics themselves varied some in focus, but there were a LOT of them to choose from - and I made twenty hand-bound books to celebrate the outpouring of great writing vibes.

This year, the Second Annual Valentine's Challenge hit it rough with only three responses - but same as last year, I'm making a hand-bound edition of the three entries. Because this edition is so much slimmer than last year's, I'm going all out with the "crafty" aspect.

It has a blue cloth cover with 'hidden' roses texture-woven into the fabric. The cover will be "soft cover" but reinforced with stiffener. The endpapers, I haven't decided yet. The text leaves themselves are a Japanese paper I bought years and years ago that are about as archival as I've ever seen - they haven't aged like other papers at all. They're a cream/brown color with long thick filaments winding around the surface. Instead of printing directly onto the handmade paper, I'm going to print the text off onto vellum, cut the text panels out, and attach them with adhesive to the Japanese paper leaves. On the bottom of each leaf of paper, I might (I'm not sure if it's overkill yet) adhere/sew a line of dangly beading, so that when a page is turned, you get a physical response from the book, like a bracelet gives you when wave your hand around.

I noticed, when I was touring around the memory book aisles at Joann's Craft Superstore (tm) that there are soooo many new products on the market, including quite a few "love" kind of doo-dads made of metal, or three-d folded paper, or bumpy stickers...it's fantastic! I'm trying to keep the cost of the book down to a reasonable level ($15 give or take) that I'll have to reign in my usual impulses to buy everything I THINK I might be able to use. I still have a ton of rubber stamps from last year that I can use again, too.

If you've gotten this far into this entry -- I make hand-bound books-on-demand. Meaning, if you have a special fic, your own or someone else's, or want to order a special gift for someone, I'm the one to call. :-)

Books are awesome.

A Book

Jun. 22nd, 2005 12:23 pm
No, not a book review. I make books. Books by hand. Three word sentences. All the time. (rolls eyes at self)

Okay. I've been asked by three people to make a Valentine fic book for them from the submissions on the OS Valentine Fic 2005 Challenge Thread this year. There were only three official fics on the list, so that's what I'll work with. So, I go tomorrow to the very kool and huge art store in the valley to choose the cover paper and maybe the interior paper. It's going to be a slim volume, that's for sure.

Gearing up. I want to get them finished in a couple of weeks. But I have think more about the design, which is the fun part, and then how to put it together, which is also the fun part.



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