SGU premiered last night, and I would have completely not known if I hadn't gone onto LJ (here) and realized it was broadcasting.

Lucky me. I recorded it for my husband and watched the first 15 minutes or so before (OMG!) turning the television off.  About the neatest thing about it during that 15 minutes was the hurtling cast members/characters smashing onto the floor of an unknown location.  At one point the Guy sat down with me and commented during a scene with Jack O'Neill in it--I don't even know if the Guy realized who that was--or maybe the one up on the Hammond, that he wished they'd stop with the bumpy-camera movement.

Who directed this? Cooper? He seems to love "cutting edge" camera work.

Anyway, I have no idea if I like or dislike this show, but really, I'm pretty much out of this franchise. I think. Unless they give me some really really good fodder for mocking, and you know they will. I'm just not sure SGUSTFU is worth it.

*Stargate Universe Shut the Fuck Up
No Vala in the next movie? Light the fireworks, break open the champagne, and let's have a party!

It's back to the original team, which to me is the best thing of all. No word yet about Mitchell? He's a nonentity anyhow, but I do love seeing him on screen together with Michael Shanks, so fine with me there. The Guy is sure to buy the movie. Maybe I'll even watch this one.

blows a noisemaker

Edited to add: Hey all! If Vala is entitled to be in the movie simply because she's a member of SG-1, then let's TOTALLY get mad at Brad Wright for not including Jonas, okay? Okay? Because we can't play favorites amongst the team, past or present! Cuz if HE could be on the team, ANY old tramp could be on the team!

 The Guy proudly showed me the copy of Star Fake: The Snark of Titter after he got home. There've been hints that he was planning on buying it, but when the first dialogue I hear, after the theme music played after the credits, was Black's voice, as Vala, shouting, "We've got to pull back!" I simply cannot do it. Just can't force myself to sit through Vala acting like she's a part of SG-1, and Shanks and Black believing that their acting is better when they're together. Just...ick.  I suppose I'll be amused by this revulsion to this newish version of Star Fake as the years go on, and I decide to pull out my DVDs of seasons 1-6, but for now?   Barf.
I'll have to get an Atlantis icon today, I think.  I have one! I have one!

And those are my thoughts on Picardo, MacGillion and Shanks. 

What do YOU think?
Wow, I actually think there's some hope for the newest direct to DVD Stargate movie. Tomin's in it, and he's been the focus of a lot of the publicity still releases. I hope it doesn't mean he's set up for a bad, bad fall. It'd be very bad for Vala to end up like Carter, the black widow for male characters. Aside from maybe Teal'c he's had the most improvement in character arc: he's gone from Believer to Rebel, while Vala's gone from Adult Sexy Thief to Winsome Girl-Child, a real backslide.  And it's the characters that *change* in a positive way that tend to be the focus of a story.


Book squee

Sep. 4th, 2005 02:56 pm
Yeehaw! My mom and I went to the used bookstore today, and I managed to remember the writer's name of the Stargate movie tie-in novels. There were two of the McCay books on the shelf -- and YAY! In it, McCay has Jack and Sarah O'Neil back together, with their marriage patched up. That's where the *series* should have taken it, too. They were good together.



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