My show is back! MY SHOW IS BACK! I grinned all the way through the credits, with the sixties-style campy planets, and the original music, and practically danced and jumped up the aisle. MY SHOW IS BACK!

The guy tried bringing me down with his complaints of the alternate reality stuff, but I honestly don't give a shit about that. It was fun, my favorite characters were back!

There were flaws, of course, particularly with the villian (and no trademark moral dilemma) but, I don't care.


More extensive review later, when I gather my thoughts about it, and my back lets up on me. I pulled some muscle in my mid-back last night, and it woke me up at 3am. I had to take two Aleve pills and they finally started working about 30 minutes later.
Oh, for eff's sake. Mermaid is not feeling well today, so she's home on the Guy's day off that we were planning on going to see the new Star Trek movie together. She might be able to go, except that the Guy wouldn't be able to relax and enjoy the movie if he felt she was about to blorg during the "Space, the final frontier" monologue at the end (or anywhere else in the middle of the movie, too).

So, he's gone off by himself to see the 12:20 showing, while I am going to pick up Little Guy, who also finally felt well enough to go to school today, and then I'll go at 3:30, sans children.  I intend to see this damned movie while it's still in the theaters, dammit!

Looks like I should have just gone ahead and seen it on Monday.  >:-(



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