Aug. 4th, 2012 08:29 pm
Which means, stuff.

First, here's a recent layout I've done for a Sweet Shoppe Designs competition (based on the Olympics)


I think it came out rather well!

In other news, Mermaid is home and half the time has been off with her boyfriend. It's been not-as-quiet, but nice. Even Tall Boy missed her though you wouldn't have known it until she was back from her trip.

My hip still hurts, BUT since I bought a foam roller and have used it to loosen up the muscles around the joint (top of the leg, the butt, and so forth) the pain has gone down a lot. I still get twinges and big ouches if I move just the wrong way, but I noticed today that I was walking almost normally. I can't go above a walk, though. THEN it starts hurting like crazy and the inflammation gets bad from the spurs in the joint.

Far as I know, we've all been accepted into different health insurances. Mermaid's monthly premium was jacked up 100%. I am going to have to talk to her doctor and see if he'll write a letter telling the company that she wasn't diagnosed with that particular thing. At least, that is what he told *me* a way back.

All the Guy has to do to get back onto cheaper, normal (not HIPAA) insurance is to get that blemish on his face checked out by a dermatologist, biopsied, and then cleared.

Oh, and folks, watch the NASA station/news and see if the Curiosity lands safely! If it does, the Guy gets a contract with JPL activated and he gets more work!

And, for your amusement, a page from the series of five pages from when we went to see it in the laboratory last year!

2011_04_22 JPL Mars Rover visit p1

I'd have put this behind a cut, but I seem unable to accomplish that at this time!

She knew it was over when Santa attacked.
   (and no, I'm not really wearing a hat, mask nor do I have toucans!)

I figure you're going to like this one a lot.  I know I had a good time making it!


Jun. 30th, 2011 10:49 pm
Today was in the 80s, and hot, and our newly cleaned rug smelled terribly (though slightly less than yesterday). Both kids agreed to go to the giant swimming pool aka "Lake" a few miles away. Even reluctant Tall Boy reluctantly agreed he wanted to get out of the house. His best friend next door was going to a movie and who knows where else, and I think he's already bored silly playing video games on the Xbox 360 for hours on end.

In the meantime, here's my newest page. Enjoy!

There's a skull hidden in the picture. Can you find it?

This was done in response to a scavenger hunt in the art journal course I'm taking. I had to include a gem, a flag, ink, an astrological sign or constellation, light, and an aquatic animal. I thought'd it'd be fun to create a scene with it, like the other three I did. Unfortunately, this was only a four week assignment.

Hope you like it!
And because I can, and I just realized, why not? I'm going to post up some art journaling pages I've done in response to a scavenger hunt challenge over at the Art Journal Caravan over at Scrapbook Graphics. It's a LOT of fun, and I'm finally moving back into my art school mindset of, why the hell not? I'll post 'em up here, too!

Images behind the cut, because not everyone has a kick butt connection )

And for some weird reason, the first is in front of and behind the cut! Don't know how that happened!

I think this'll be the last thing I'll post about Goldy; otherwise I'm going to be seen as milking it, and I'm not. Things'll be fine, and then, we'll order pizza and we have to remember not to put a crust down in a nonexistent bowl on the floor for him; or if I take the chicken pieces out of a Trader Joe's salad there's no dog to give it to. It's the little things that hurt the most. Or I'll swing my hand down where he usually would lie down near me, and realize too late that he's not there to pay attention to.

Going to Pet Orphans over the past week has helped, I guess. It's helped Mermiad more than me, I think. She'd get very anxious and upset at me if she even thought I was trying to delay her going there to hug, pet and cuddle the dogs there (and oh my, some really really cute dogs there I'd take home in a minute, if I really felt I/we could handle another dog right now).

Thanks for bearing with me.

(yes, I did write the words on this one. photos are from the internet)
Yes, these are my feet. Wearing different sandals. That's nothing though. At least these matched somewhat. It was the day I went out wearing one blue and one red FitFlop that was *really* embarrassing!

Click to see the larger images
I've got some new pages up on my other blog, if anyone is interested. I'm still in the middle of 2007, but might move onto some other subjects for some variety soon.

Why is the most used descriptive word used in scrapbook advertising, articles and blogs "adorable"? Why?

"Adorable luggage tags"
"Adorable paper"

Adorable this, adorable that!

Please, scrapbookers, pleasepleaseplease find OTHER words to describe products that you use or recommend! 

PS and that word is not "cute". Please. No more "cute", either.

And for those who are interested here are the three pages I submitted to Crazy Daisy. Today is the day they decide for sure who is going to be on their design team. Frankly, I don't think I'll make the team, but hey, at least I tried, you know? I'll probably submit them to readers blog for Creating Keepsakes magazine. The magazines tend to prefer layouts with lots of crap on them (some kit companies in particular love so much stuff on the pages you can barely see the photographs) but that's not my current style.

 1992: Two photos from one of my Japan visa trips when I worked in Korea. There's another version of the lower photograph with a deer poking its head out between the stone lamps.

  1995: My sister visited our grandparents in Florida with her kids. I think it's the only photo I have of my grandparents together, and alive. Big bonus that my sister is in the photograph, too.

 2005: Mermaid and Little Guy (who is now Tall Boy). Notice the stamped wings on their heads. Which ones are the devils, and which ones are the angels? Heheheh, I'll never tell. One of my all-time favorite pages because damn. Those are my kids!

I'll put up some of the pics I took of the minialbum I made of Goldy. I liked how that turned out.

gategrrl: (Bhuddist Rock in Nepal)
Not much up these days. I did go on a book-binge, though, and bought two books (with 40-50% coupons) about page design and one with prompts in it about writing about yourself (that has beyond-crappy page designs in it).

Book of Me - This is the one a bunch of folks on my scrapbooking list were going on and on about, so I went to Borders and ordered it, which was a dumb thing to do. I *should* have gone to Amazon *first*, and looked through the pages. Although the personal prompts in it are fine, there really isn't a wealth of self-questions and thought provokers. And more than that, although I know the scrapbook design isn't the main thrust of the book, the examples given are just awful, badly designed and done in some sort of Midwestern Unsophisticated design philosophy.

What About the Words? - This is an interesting book. It's full of ways to integrate text/thoughts/emotions/details in word form into your scrapbook page. There are lots of examples by different people with a wide-ranging variety of styles. The pages shown hang together a lot better than the ones in the Book of Me. The examples are funky, balanced; and the ideas within them are good ones. 

Clean and Simple (the sequel) - This book turns out to be an epiphany of clean graphic design coupled with great ideas for writing about yourself and the moments that actually mean something to you - and that it's okay to NOT scrapbook every single photo you take from an event. (that's my biggest failing) and that you don't have to use tons of junk on your page. All that stuff (tages, doodads, stickers, etc) is purely stylistic, and not really necessary. (but I know of people who live for that stuff). I've already starting thinking of a few great ideas for the *details* in my life that I can document - like The Search for the Perfect Purse. I mean, who *hasn't* gone on that quest?  

For scrapbooking, there seem to be a few schools of thought. One school of thought is to use scrapbooks as a documenter of one's family, with little cute notations and quotes, but with little genuine emotional content. The other school of thought treats scrapbooking journalistically - basically as biography with photographs and design and tons of emotional content.

I've done it both ways - with family albums (two so far) that detail events, mainly, but little of my actual presence. And in another book, about the Fandom Nomads and our adventures. But I didn't really write too much about how I felt about it all; mostly about the events.

On another related front, I bought a book called The Plot Thickens by Noah Lukeman. He's an agent in NYC. The book's subtitle is "8 Ways to Bring Your Fiction to Life". It's got some interesting stuff in it mostly in the form of questions about character, ratcheting up suspense. I haven't gone into the book deeply yet; it's not really an instruction manual like many of the other "how to" books I own - it's more of a "Here are some things to think about when you're designing your characters, and why you should think about these things" kind of book.



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