SGU premiered last night, and I would have completely not known if I hadn't gone onto LJ (here) and realized it was broadcasting.

Lucky me. I recorded it for my husband and watched the first 15 minutes or so before (OMG!) turning the television off.  About the neatest thing about it during that 15 minutes was the hurtling cast members/characters smashing onto the floor of an unknown location.  At one point the Guy sat down with me and commented during a scene with Jack O'Neill in it--I don't even know if the Guy realized who that was--or maybe the one up on the Hammond, that he wished they'd stop with the bumpy-camera movement.

Who directed this? Cooper? He seems to love "cutting edge" camera work.

Anyway, I have no idea if I like or dislike this show, but really, I'm pretty much out of this franchise. I think. Unless they give me some really really good fodder for mocking, and you know they will. I'm just not sure SGUSTFU is worth it.

*Stargate Universe Shut the Fuck Up
Ugh. Daniel takes Vala out on a "date" in the upcoming "I Was A Lousy Waitress" Vala-centric episode. Here's the clip on UTube, if you're interested in watching the not-date.

Excuse me while I stick my finger down my throat.
This is a post I wrote on [ profile] betacandy's LJ.

I suspect that RCC, BW, and the other producer/writers weren't as surprised or 'hurt' as everyone thinks. They did, after all, see the writing on the wall earlier, and left off writing/plotting the final three scripts of the season for exactly this eventuality.

I'm not all that sympathetic to the production staff (the ones that make the big decisions, anyway). They've had ten years on this show, some of them less, and, if you believe some stories floating around the net, they've been trying to kill their own show off for years in the hope of a movie deal or a new series 'franchise'. So, now that they've gotten the Word that their show HAS finally gotten the cancellation notice, it's Incredible News? Pffffft, as they say. Was the timing *bad* for the Incredible News? I suppose so. But SciFi is made up of asshole suits to begin with, from stories I've heard in various CGI studios that make the cheesy movies they show every week.

I dunno. Has everyone forgotten how terribly the producers have treated the actors in the past, how they manipulate them, and (in Tapping's words) make them feel like they're lucky to have a job? Not to mention the circumstances the decided MS to leave the show in the first place? And how hard Tapping had to negotiate to FINALLY get her directing job? And how they threw the HARDEST and most complex episode to direct at MS for his first time directing? No, I think these guys are pretty shitty themselves, even as far as producers go here in Hollywood.

As for the actors - I have a feeling that after ten years of doing the same things over repeatedly, and trying to find something *fresh* in their characters - well, MS hadn't signed any papers, and Tapping has plans in the works for another series, I have a feeling they knew the gig was up.
Friday night SciFi...Around 8:15pm I was hit by a Wall of Tiredness, and could hardly keep my eyes open. Plus, I realized I needed to make my sister a birthday card, and went off into the bedroom while the Guy went back and forth between the bed (where I had all my crafty paper, adhesives and stamps, etc laid out) and the couch in front of the television. I heard "Grace Under Pressure". I caught snatches of BSG. But I didn't bother watching any of SciFi Friday tonight. Don't know what's "wrong" with me, except in a weird way, I'm filling with ennui about the programs on tonight every other week. It's like that Star Trek movie thing, where all the even numbered movies are good, but all the odd ones are crap. Or is it the other way around? Whatever.

I'll watch the shows when I'm more in the mood, I guess. Maybe I should stop reading the spoilers/opinions before I have a chance to watch the shows myself. Sometimes (not often) it sucks to live on the West Coast.



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