Garret Dillahunt's on Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (my new favoritest show).

In his role on SCC, the dude's played several roles: a smarmy C-grade actor in Hollywood, whose face is stolen (through plastic surgery) by a Terminator from the future. Then he plays the emotionless Terminator called Cromartie. While he's Cromartie, SCC shows the real person actor in a really bad movie. Wow, nice muscles. And now that Cromartie's brain chip has been destroyed, his body is being used by a new AI called John Henry, who is being 'raised' by a liquid metal terminator disguised as the owner of a high tech company.

And he's done a really good job. And, through wiki, I now find out he's been in Deadwood, X-Files, NYPD Blue, Life, Damages, and the 4400. AND he's been in the superviolent No Country for Old Men. ( And he's one year older than me!)

Now, didn't I say the cast for T:SCC was hot? I left out the guy who plays the Terminator. My mistake!

And of course, since I'm such an on-line TV duh, I only JUST found out that you can watch full length episodes on Fox of the earlier part of season 2 of Terminator: SCC. It's weirdly lacking episodes one and two, but...okay. Whatever.

Oh, dudes! They got rid of John Connor's ridiculous bangy emo-hair! And now the actor really DOES look 15 or 16.

I've just finished watching the first season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles over the past two days.

I'll get the shallow out of the way right now: ALL the actors, and I mean ALL the actors in this show are drool-worthy.

Here's the main cast:
Okay, so the image is kinda small, but look at them. If you see them in action, it's even more of a wowser, and let me tell you, I was glad they added this guy to the mix so I wouldn't feel like such an old lady pervert:

Brian Austen Green plays Derek Reese, John Connor's uncle. He makes a good match to Richard T. Jone's FBI Agent James Ellison, who at this point has unexplained backstory and straightforward motivations.

 Thank you, casting. The emo hair hanging down over Thomas Dekker's face I could do without, but he's a good actor and jeez. How old is this kid? (ah, Wiki says he's 21...phew)

I have been enjoying the show. I like how it keeps referring back to the Terminator 2 movie (although they never directly mention or talk about Ahnold's Terminator and his affect on them-although it's gone at sideways with Summer Glau's terminator's relationship with John Connor).

I haven't watched any of the second season, and might wait until it's out on DVD. It was great to watch the first season without commercials or breaks between episodes OR network scheduling screw-ups making the show hard to find and follow.

The show itself? Well, it's CALLED the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and, much as I love to see Derek Reese's actor onscreen, I'm very worried that the show will end up focusing too much on the male characters. Already, Cameron, the female terminator seems too much like a prop, and the addition of Reese as the Adult White Male to Richard T. Jones' FBI Agent James Ellis.  And I've read that the school love-interest for John has a purpose, also, in that she's being used by another woman! to get to John and wean him away from his emotional dependence from Cameron, the female terminator. It wasn't until the third episode that I finally got to see Sarah Connor fight in hand-to-hand combat, and although I think the sound effects are *slightly* over the top, Hedly makes a decent vicious Sarah Connor, when she has to be. Hedly paints SC as less the automaton in the T2 movie, but here, she's recovered her humanity from nearly murdering Charles Dyson...maybe a little to much, because now she has to hold back Cameron and Derek Reese from killing people left, right and center. She doesn't seem to question Cameron too much when she doesn't actually SEE Cameron kill a human, or let someone die through inaction. She's got some code that I haven't figured out yet-but I think it's somewhat flexible and pragmatic, but struggles to keep the high road.

Yes, I am worried about how the female roles in this are going to pan out. I want Sarah Connor to be the center of the story, but that seems less and less likely, especially if the other characters start thinking she really IS nuts, thanks to her enforced stay in a mental institution for three years. None of the characters are especially stable, really, when you really *think* about all the death that surrounds them. I wasn't thrilled when Ellison's female FBI agent co-worker, Greta Simpson, who he'd won over to his side ended up murdered (along with an entire FBI swat team). Why? What was the point? It's not as if death is a particularly powerful statement when it happens all the time--and even on this show, where two of the main characters are female, you'd think they'd try to keep as many female characters on the side of the law to make it interesting.



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