USA is showing a marathon of Monk episodes-so, last night I decided to watch Mr Monk and the Child (or something close to it) and OMG! That has to be one of the funniest, sweetest Monk episodes *ever*. Monk/Tony Shaloub had the best chemistry with the most adorable toddler/actor I've ever seen. The little boy was so *cute* as to be unbelievable. The director and actors got so much out of him, he was hysterical! I actually had tears in my eyes, flowing down my face at the very end, when Monk decides he really can't take care of the little boy the way he'd like to. It's a shame the little boy hasn't been referenced since that show-no photographs of him up on the wall, or on a table, no's too bad.

And this brings me to a question. Can't believe I'm asking this: does anyone know of a really good (and I mean *good*) Crossover fic with Monk and Psych? With all the characters in question in character? Without the premises stretched beyond recognition?
My FAVORITE moment in the most recent episode of Psych is when Shawn tells Gus that Henry will get over being pissed at him for not going fishing: Shawn will go over there, make-up, and then they'll watch two hours of the Mentalist.


Nice to know Shawn watches the Mentalist, too! I'd love to be a fly on the wall and listen to *their* commentary.

 Three TV Reviews:

The Seed--Atlantis

Psych--Premiere Episode, 3rd season
Psych )

The Avatar--Nickelodean/Cartoon Network
Dule Hill (Gus on Psych) is featured in an LA Theaterworks radio play (also available for purchase on CD).

Here's the URL:



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