Y'all know me and my lunch box obsession. Here's the latest one that actually has all of the features I've been searching for; it's the Easy Lunch Box. I just ordered two sets (you get four per pack) and one cooler sized for it in olive, the color in the picture. I'll be getting my order in about a week, but before I ordered, I spotted a Big Name Brand version. Because I didn't want to waste money on a system that might not work, I tried it out with the cheaper alternative first. It works.

Mermaid (my 14 year old Freshman high school daughter...eeeks!) didn't mind it. She's all into the Cool of things, and doesn't want to look like a dork or geek. She finally consented to me putting her lunch together in the Bento-ish containers I bought, in a black rectangle lunchbox in which the container fit just right. So, yes. The key, of course, is to not pack food she thinks will give her bad breath after lunch or "nutrition" (ie, 10 minute recess), and that she actually likes. Like grapes, strawberries, cheese & crackers, pb&j sandwich. The Swiss cheese/turkey roll-up I made her was full of Fail, and I ended up tossing it when she got home. So, I think it's going to work with the ELB.

Other bloggers have commented on how surprised they were by how much more substantial the plastic in the ELBs are. Hopefully, I can get the Guy to start taking lunch in with him to work instead of going out all the time with the guys in the office. Not only is it a waste of money, it's also making him gain weight. We'll see how that pans out!

So, looking forward to the arrival of this new system. And believe me, I've looked for something simple, with enough space for a sandwich or pasta or salad, and enough for sides and snacks without being too large, having too many pieces, or being too expensive.  I'll let you know!
Haven Hills is a battered women and children shelter located in the San Fernando Valley, CA. This year they have a record 69 children and 40 or so women in their shelter apartments. Many of these women and their children had to leave with *nothing* from their homes in order to escape their husbands/fathers and their battering. So if you can, please donate a little to this, or any other women's and children's shelter in your area. Often, shelters like this are the first to get their funding cut (right after the arts programs govt's so love to slash).

I'd much appreciate any word-spreading for Haven Hills or your local shelter.
PSA: If you have a credit card, and you get something in the mail that says it has to do with your card account OPEN IT! And then READ IT!

It's well-known all the dirty tricks that card companies are using on their customers, like raising their interest rates if you're late on your other bills, or shop at Wal-mart [on your card] and so forth.

The Guy just received a note in the mail from Capital One that they're going to raise his rates in one year (I think-I'm unclear about this because of the way they've phrased everything) from his current low rate to one that's over double what he's paying now. That's a rate going up to "equal to 17.9%, and will vary depending on the Prime Rate. Yippee. We're going to try and pay down his balance before next January and get rid of it before the rates shoot up.

For many card holders, they don't get that amount of warning. Some, the rates shoot up from one statement to the next. I know that most of my flist is VERY responsible and checks that stuff--but double-check it, and read EVERYthing that comes in the mail. The card companies are scrambling and they're making their customers pay for it in every pseudo legal way they can get away with.
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In case you were wondering how to manage your mortgage (if you have one) or any other type of loan, I found this neat site (there are many more) that has some calculators that do the mathwork for you if you want to pay it off early, or see how it affects the amount of interest you'll end up paying and so forth.  https://www.safaccount.org/CALC/prepayCalc.jsp

Bankrate.com is also a terrific resource. Tons of calculators with graphics. Fool.com has many articles about many financial subjects. If you want to know more about investing, or saving, or how to handle the money you've got, I highly recommend Fool and Bankrate.
Not that I'm a fan or anything like that of the show (my mom wouldn't let me watch it back in the day, even when all the other kids were toting the lunchboxes around for it, and the Dukes of Hazzard [another show I wasn't allowed to watch]) but I thought I'd mention it to all the aficiandos of the series who don't own them yet.

Also, it's like the 70s Live! on DeepDiscount right now. You, too, can relive your youth by watching all those shows you missed due to bedtimes or homework!

Hmm. Mom did let me watch All in the Family, though.
You are vindicated for all those cups of joe you inflict upon yourself everyday. A Finnish/Swedish study (aren't they awesome, these inventive Finns and Swedes?) has discovered   "... that coffee drinkers at midlife had lower risk for dementia and AD later in life compared to those drinking no or only little coffee. The lowest risk (65% decreased) was found among moderate coffee drinkers (drinking 3-5 cups of coffee/day). Adjustments for various confounders did not change the results. Tea drinking was relatively uncommon and was not associated with dementia/AD."

Read the article and prove to your unjittered coworkers and friends that yes, overcaffienating IS the thing to do, in order to preserve those sets of neurons that keep you thinking.

I only wonder how many people were in the study.

Help Vera

Dec. 5th, 2008 06:30 pm
Vera Nazerian used to be on an SFF newgroup that I hung out on years and years ago. I've wondered how she, and some of the other writers I knew then, like [livejournal.com profile] beth_bernobich  and [livejournal.com profile] sartorias were doing.

This is not good news. Nearly a decade ago, I read about her wrestling with the INS while trying to get citizenship, when she bought her house, her efforts to work in her writing while supporting her parents and working many jobs. What she's going through now makes the INS look like kindergarten.

She needs help. Please go read this LJ post at [livejournal.com profile] helpvera and PLEASE see if you can donate even a little. There's also an auction as well as plain and simple donations. I've heard of another person about to lose their home, and LJ friends saved it for them. Can Vera be helped, too?

Thank you for listening.

LA TIMES article released today: Jason Mamoa (Ronan Dex) attacked in Hollywood and has facial surgery to repair glass damage to his face. 140 stitches were used during his reconstructive surgery.

Thought the Atlantis fans on my flist would want to know.

This is from a forum I frequent, and I'm pasting in the first part of the post.

There's a mysterious fifteen cent charge on my checking account from Friday. Googling to try to make heads or tails of it revealed that a LOT of people have been hit with similar charges recently.

It showed up this way on my statement:
GFDL 800-764-0847 TXUS GFDL

More info here:

This tiny charge is hitting MANY people with accounts with all sorts of banks. It's a common way to test an account, and once tested, it's possible for the thief to go back in and steal whatever's in the account.

I've checked my own bank via the online system, and it hasn't shown up (yet), but I'll be checking back every day to make sure I know if/when it does show up. Most banks will put the account and bank card on hold and send the account holder a new card. Please spread this around--this isn't a false alert.

[livejournal.com profile] ladyjax and others who are interested in how 8 passed and how the 'blame' is being passed onto black (and Hispanic) voters - you might be interested in reading [livejournal.com profile] joysterlicious ' post on the subject.
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Yeah, I know, everyone has been phished at some point or other. Usually, they're easy to spot, but once in a while, BANG! You click on a link to one, and realize just after you were hit with a wall of stupid.

Like I just was. So, I reported the email to PayPal (after double checking my account) and retrieved their spoof reporting address. Sure 'nuff, the email was a phishing expedition. I am now running AVG to see if a virus or evil program was deposited on my computer. I'm also going to run Adaware, too, soon as the virus checking program finishes.

I found a website with some decent information about Phishing, and what to look for. It's how I found out what happens when you click a link in one of these emails, and get a blank page. 



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