I can't believe I'm actually 10% considering doing NaNo this year. Why? Because I've been wanting to write some end-of-the-world apocalyptical zombie thing, but I just...I can't even get characters in my head or anything like that. And I know it would be derivative, so why bother? (not that a lot of the books out there right now aren't derivative either, but anyway). And I'm focusing a lot of my attention on digital pages using PSE.

I'm not sure I want to get in that NaNo swirl, either. It's been a couple of years since I wrote anything fictional. It's like I'm back to the way I was before Stargate hit me hard and I got my mojo back, such as it was. I'm not a prolific writer when I do write. It's not like I don't have the time.  *sighs*
Wow. The year I decide I can't do NaNo, all the flisters on my list who couldn't before, suddenly can, and do.

/whine and pity party
 Argh, I have to decide whether or not to ML for the LA area soon. I'm not sure if I'll have the time this year, but then again, in a weird way I enjoy being in the thick of it, and it's the tenth year of NaNo...
 Great, just great. My PDA is starting to act a little wonky with my very big file. I'm not even storing it on the PDA itself, but on a SD card. At least I have the Guy's PDA as a back-up if I need to move machines. And I have 2000 more words to go today. ARGH!

What if you were the only were-dog (not a were-WOLF, mind you) in a city crawling with were-people. It's not like you can fit in, you know? There's even a flock of were-parrots flying around. They're kinda big for birds, but the non-were's excuse these huge flocks of giant birds on irresponsibly bird owners letting their Scarlet Macaws out loose in the sunny LA weather. There are even were-pigs, if you can imagine that. They don't like to let it be known who they are, but I can tell you, some of Hollywood's biggest suits are were-pigs. So are some of their stars, but they'd never let you know it. They just say they're on vacation to their ranches out in Arizona or up North and build tall fences so that the paparazzi can't take pics of them in their natural state. There are one or two foxes who are big producers, and go figure, they're the most successful ones. No, not relatives of mine, at least, not directly.

But for some reason, I'm the only were-dog in the Valley, and I don't know why. Tons of wandering dogs with and without collars. None of them can talk human, or were-dog, so I had to learn their language. No, I'm not brilliant with languages, but really, it's not like Dog is so hard to learn. A few tail-wags, some 'rrrr-rrrrrr' sounds, and you're good to go. The domestic types, the ones raised exclusively with humans are really short on vocabulary, human and dog. I feel sorry for them sometimes. But at least they don't have to look for jobs. They have one: being pampered (some of them) and eating and pooping and jogging around their backyards chasing squirrels.

Wordcount...I am in such deep wordwriting doo-doo. (to put it politely). On Thanksgiving I caught some sort of gut-bug that had me running for the bathroom every 45 minutes or so on Friday night. I ended up not getting ANY sleep at all Friday night. And of course, there was my immense Write-In that Chris Baty and Cybele showed up for on Saturday morning. On a normal Write-In session at Lulu's, I'm lucky if anyone shows up, let alone four or five, which happened earlier this month. But twenty people plus?

Yesterday I was lucky to get a seat, and I showed up just a few minutes past 9am. I met Baty while standing in line for coffee, and he came over to our table first - but since I was so tired, and I'm so behind wordcount, the other two women sitting with me ended up talking with him the most. I left at eleven - he was still going from table to table talking to everyone!  He really made a lot of folks happy by coming by for the visit.

But now, I'm so far behind and still tired out from Friday night and feeling so bummed out overall, but knowing that I'm going to feel even *worse* if I don't make it by the end of the month, that I just want to cuddle with my dog and watch the Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon on NickTV. My kids (both!) stayed at my neighbor's place last night, giving the Guy and me some quiet time. The Guy got tons of work done without multitudes of children swarming the house (which usually happens) but I got nothing done. Yeah, I'm whining. What does an ML do to get motivated? This time I'm going to transfer the novel to the desktop computer, and take notes on what's happened so far and give it some structure. Things have happened too early on, and I have no idea where the heck I'm going with it. That should eat up some time in the short run, but if I have a better idea of where I'm going, I'll be able to zip through the writing for the rest of the week while the kids are in school. When I'm writing in a direction I know I'm going, I can pound out over a thousand words per hour. When I don't, it's like dropping words one by one into a half-filled bucket.
Painted myself into a NaNo corner, I have, mm-hhmm.  I now need to write 2700 words per day for the next eight days in order to make the goal of 50,000 words. I don't doubt I can write that many words per day. It's not *that* hard, if I have direction. Tonight I'm going through what I've written and take quick notes. My memory is horrible. And now that I'm in the mental space I need, I will have to come up with a place to conclude, otherwise, I'll sit and spin.

Tomorrow Chris Baty will be at my Write-In, along with the most people who've ever turned out for one of my Write-Ins. Hopefully, even one or two elusive and powerhouse writers on my flist will be able to show up, too (which, truth to tell, will be just as great to me as Baty showing up!).

I'm going to try and be out the door by 8am so I can grab a table, set up my table sign, and start writing before the insanity ensues, and get some writing in.

And off I go to get some direction. I wish I could shake this malaise.
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 This has been one of the hardest NaNo's I think I've done. I sat down to write this morning and came up blank. Utterly blank. I punched out a couple hundred words and then stopped. I do like the characters, but I hate the non-direction, the meandering, of what is supposed to be the plot and how I can't seem to get to a rise in suspense or anything like that. It reads like a laundry list of episodes with no particular point to it. I'm bummed. Probably because I didn't start this one with a specific ending in mind. 

This sucks.
 This morning's write-in was NOT terribly productive for me. I was there at 7:40am and, since my sleep last night wasn't enough, I stumbled along on my novel for two and a half hours. I tried following my own advice, about throwing what my MC most fears - but I'm not sure exactly what that is, yet, or how to stick it in the story without totally discombobulating it. (and me)

I'm going to have to work at it later. I was too sleepy this afternoon when the Guy took the kids to see "Bee" for two hours, and also wasted the time websurfing. Much as I love the internet, I'm really starting to resent the addictive qualities it has; it's why I MUST get out of the house to write, or I get almost nothing done at all.

Anyhow, the story has become a massive one-on-one talk-fest between the MC and her Mom, and the MC and a Were-Dire Wolf (yes, we were all surprised there are still Dire Wolves around) but the story is swinging from a rope. I might have to (OMG!) resort to throwing in some Ninjas! - okay, were-ninjas, maybe, and heh, it wouldn't be totally out of place in this story. I am going to have to excise the Ebil Gov't entity angle, I think. Conspiracies just aren't my real thing, and this was supposed to be relatively lighthearted...kinda in the way The Dresden Files is lighthearted, sort of. Or Rachel Caine's Stormfront series. 

Ah well.
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Argh, because the Guy had to work today, I had to miss my regularly scheduled Lulu's Beehive Write-in this morning. And then, because the kids were being such whiny, scratch-out-each-other's eyes siblings today, I spur of the moment dragged them off to the Zoo, where they had a barrel full of monkey-fun (the chimpanzees were incredibly active today!) in their OWN exhibit - the playground.

And now I've run out of excuses and time is getting short (I tend to knock-off around 11pm at the latest these days...). I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this story. I gave the main character a Box full of journals, scientific papers, newspaper clippings and a CD with two short movies on it... and I'm realizing my plotting just got very complicated all of a sudden. And I've just thrown in another major character into the mix who has her own motives that I'm not exactly sure about!

But I do have some VERY cool news - goes into my next post. Hee.
Yay ! 

I pumped out 2,560 words this morning, with more planned in a few hours. Woo hoo! 

The disturbing thing is, this story, Diary of a Were-dog, started out lighthearted, and then filled up with death and a secret gov't or business facility doing really really bad things to Were-folk of all types. Damn. I may have to go back and even the tone out, or split the story up into two parts, or something. There are clearly horror elements from some of my favorite SK horror novels and it's not that I'm unhappy about that. This is turning out a whole lot darker than I anticipated. I thought I was writing a YA type story! Hmmm...the way YA books are now, though, I might not be off the mark too much.

My actual wordcount right now is 12,131 (and man, how my fingers keep wanting to put a $$ sign right before it). The nano site is behind on my word count with these widget thingies.

At this point in the game, I can keep up by writing a minimum of 2010 words per day, which isn't that hard, really. Tomorrow I'm going to try for 4,000 words, while the kids are in school but AFTER I go for an hour or so on the eliptical machine at the YMCA. I haven't been there in a week and it's showing.

wordcount widgets

Here we go, my real wordcount.
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 Remembering what makes a successful NaNo month is to TRUST your creative, story-telling mind. Trust that your imagination will make connections naturally within your text and that, more often that not, your story WILL hang together. How well depends on your confidence in your story-telling abilities, and your own natural rthyms and how well you've absorbed the conventions of writing and novels. Even if you're not a natural story-teller (you know, like Grandpa Gus who manages to level everyone to the floor without fail retelling stories of his son's childhood misadventures, or of his friends) your brain knows how to link cause and affect, detail to event. It happens, and it works.

Stalling on your story because your characters seem afraid to do anything? Throw the worst thing you can imagine happening to them (at that moment in time in the story). A disaster opposite the character's nature. Is she shy? Make her speak in front of two hundred people. Is he adventurous, but awful relating to people? Make him take care of an elderly man for a while when his mother has to run off to the store. Plot Ninjas can be ninjas (for real) or a metaphor for obstacles and conflict. Getting bored by your own story? Then you need some conflict! Trust your imagination and its patterning ability. Think of a set-back, then let 'er rip!

Note: this isn't so much for other's benefit but is it for mine: I have to remind myself of this time and again, when I feel I'm slowing down or when my inner editor starts to loom larger or the fear of ... finishing, I guess pops up and scares me like a movie serial killer trying to get my attention.

NaNo NaNo

Nov. 10th, 2007 11:34 pm

wordcount widgets

Catching up, slowly catching up. I can't believe I wrote about 5000 or so words today.

wordcount widgets

Oh yeah, just cruisin', oh yeah!

wordcount widgets

This is my new NaNo novel that I started a couple of days ago. The dragon based story blew slow chunks of text out, but this one is just zipping along, and I am so very very happy, even though I'm roughly 8000 word behind. Woo hoo! I even succumbed to the fun of it, and read some of the paragraphs out loud to the Guy. He liked the idea, so I am encouraged. Yay!

It is interesting to see that, even though I'm further ahead numbers-wise, I'm still about the same number of words behind I was with the other NaNo novel. Ah, numbers.

ReDo Novel

Nov. 8th, 2007 03:07 pm
Okay, my Dragon, Interrupted novel is stalling big-time. If it were an airplane, it would be falling to the ground right now, in a huge spin.

So I've started a whole new novel, and got it up to ~3000 words this morning. No planning, no characters in mind, just totally by the seat of my pants. And it's very different so far from the other NaNovels I've done in previous years. It's in the first person. It's paranormal. And I blame the [profile] fangs_fur_feycomm, oh yes I do. I think they put the bug in my ear about Urban Fantasy and subtley brain-washed me because they're a bunch of talented, talkative, open people who love what they write and write what they love. I'm not at the point where I feel comfortable talking about exactly *what* I'm writing about (I'm not sure myself) but suffice to say that it involves were-people and LA. And [profile] mdhenry? I shake my were-finger in your general direction! I can't ever hope to be nearly as witty and funny as you are but I can try! (not on purpose of course). No dead people yet, but in a world where were-people exist, who's to say the undead can't exist also? But we'll see. This is very different from what I've written before.

OH, crap

Nov. 8th, 2007 09:44 am

wordcount widgets

Oh, crap crap crap. I'm HOW many words behind? Too many. I hope I can get caught up. It means I'm going to have to forego my one hour of gym in the morning/afternoons and sit down and get my fingers in gear. Not to mention gear back a bit on the ML stuff. Crap.

NaNo NaNo!

Nov. 1st, 2007 09:03 am
 Miracles of miracles, I found my ScriptFrenzy notes for the script I was *going* to write back in June, but pooped out on 500 words into the script. The notes were tucked away into a bag I haven't looked in for months (obviously) but I have them now! (overtones of Darth Vader sneering voice).

Also, two days ago I had to hard reset my PDA, my main tool for writing and then reload some of my programs in it. Got rid of all the artifacts and junk left over from a couple of years of adding and deleting programs, and it's all clean inside now! I can even use the calender function again! But I think I'm going to upgrade it for next year to a PDA that has flash memory, and I won't lose all my important stuff again. (most of the important stuff is in the SD chips, but so what)

My fingers aren't warmed up and ready yet, but I do kinda sorta know where I'm going. I think I do have to envision my ending more clearly. In fact, I have to envision and ending *period*. I have no idea where the story is going to go. And my best efforts had a skeleton for me to work with, even if it was only in my head as a vague outline.

First, one hour on the elliptical machine at the YMCA. Then, a shower. THEN, I sit down and start writing like crazy while I can.

Good luck everyone!
If you're doing NaNo, and you want to meet some folks also doing NaNo this year, and you live in the LA Area, come to the Kick-Off Party this afternoon!

Barbara's at the Brewery
Brewery Art Complex
620 Moulton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90031 323-221-9204

TIME: 5pm to 7:30ish (later if folks want to hang out)

The directions:
This URL is especially important so that you can find it within the artist colony!

There's lots of comfortable seating, and good food. There is outdoor seating, although it might be chilly! (click to see more)
It's not hard to find; just follow the detailed directions in the URL above.

Official NaNo Swag will be distributed, also - I hear this year, there are no more tattoos (darn) but they went back to stickers. Be sure to order your shirt, to look cooler than everyone else at Barbara's! I'll be wearing a NaNo t-shirt...um, probably my ScriptFrenzy shirt, since my NaNo shirt seems to have shrunk! But I might be wearing the new 2007 shirt - woohoo!

Here's some detailed information for those who want to know:

Getting There
Cross Streets: Main St.
Parking: On Site

The Basics
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-10:30 p.m., Sat. 4:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m., with occasional late-night hours. (They're artsy. They don't need no stinkin' regular hours.)
Cuisine: Tacos/Burritos, Eclectic, Burgers, Pizza, Seafood, Steaks, and American Contemporary
Meals Served: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Price Range: $$$ ($16-$25)
Reservations: Not Required
Alcohol: Full Bar
Smoking: Outdoors Only
Restaurant Style: Bistro and Cafe

Atmosphere and Personality: Laid Back Casual
Cleanliness: Eat Off The Floor Noise Level: Moderate
Features: Catering, Afterhours, Take Out/Carry Out, and Happy Hour.
Happy hour: 5 p.m.-6 p.m., late-night eats: 11 p.m.-2 a.m.
Specialties: Pan-seared pork tenderloin. Chocolate-strawberry cake. Pineapple-carrot cake.
Payment Methods: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Debit Cards, and Traveler's Checks Accepted

(from this website: http://losangeles.metromix.com/restaurants/tacos_burritos/barbaras-at-th... )




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