This is the second time this week my neighborhood's been targeted by evangelical religious types. Usually, they're all really nice (even the Scientologists) but since I'm feeling off this morning-headache, grungy, egh ugh, KWIM? I refused to answer the door. Fortunately, the Guy called here on his way out to work to give me a heads' up. Sure 'nuff, a group of very nicely dressed people were across the street. They're probably from one of the Baptist churches around here. They also usually bring a few children with them, too, which makes me wonder exactly what they're trying to teach their kids.

A few days ago, two men came to the door and gave me a copy of The Watchtower (too bad it wasn't a Stephen King excerpt from The Dark Tower series...oh well), and were also polite, although one of them started in on a spiel about the garden of Eden and questioning whether I thought of it as a myth or historical fact when I said I wasn't religious. *facepalm*  I told him I thought it was a little of both. In my point of view, the bible is kind of like an ancient game of telephone---many of the stories have a basis in fact, but over the millenia, seriously, the facts of the story are going to be molded differently by hundreds of people before they're written down.

Anyway. Why does spring have to bring the evangelicals out? Do their flowers unfurl and release them like dandelion fluff?
My first post on June 6, 2004 on LiveJournal. Wow, I've really been on here that long?
I can't believe I'm actually 10% considering doing NaNo this year. Why? Because I've been wanting to write some end-of-the-world apocalyptical zombie thing, but I just...I can't even get characters in my head or anything like that. And I know it would be derivative, so why bother? (not that a lot of the books out there right now aren't derivative either, but anyway). And I'm focusing a lot of my attention on digital pages using PSE.

I'm not sure I want to get in that NaNo swirl, either. It's been a couple of years since I wrote anything fictional. It's like I'm back to the way I was before Stargate hit me hard and I got my mojo back, such as it was. I'm not a prolific writer when I do write. It's not like I don't have the time.  *sighs*



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