This week:

Tall Boy caught some sort of Gut-Virus (it sticks around in your intestines instead of attacking you elsewhere). He complained of an aching abdomen on Monday, so he got to stay home. Then he went back for two days, and got up on Thursday crying from the pain. The Guy and I are usually suspicious of stomach complaints because, well, they're easy to fake. So I took Tall Boy into school. Fortunately the nurse was in, took one look at him, and told me about that virus going around that gives you immense abdominal pain. Even her kids came down with it and were out of school for a couple of days. So, to home Tall Boy went with me. He was also out on today, on Friday.

So was Mermaid. She developed a raging headache yesterday morning, still has it. Her eyes were burning, and she felt awful in general. I took her into see her doctor this afternoon. It's probably a cold mixed in with allergies (again) and possibly, I think she caught the virus, because she started complaining of abdo pain just like Tall Boy's.

And I must have caught it, too, but it's not expressed itself the same in me as it has in the kids. In my case...let's just say I've been blasting away all day. It's not been comfortable in the least. Oh no. But at least it's not stinky. Unlike Goldy, who lets out clouds of maisma on a regularly timed basis. Walking through those invisible clouds is enough to make me gag. And the kids. Poor dog.
With the money we still have that the government didn't take, the Guy and I have been interviewing contractors to repair/repaint the trim on our house, which is so bad as to be shameful. There aren't any termite infestations that we can see at this point. We probably need to have an inspection, too. BUT anyhow:

The first guy I guided around the house by myself, and he asked me what our budget was, and I stupidly told him how much money I think we had available. He gave me an estimate of about $8K, which is, frankly, outrageous. He said it all depended on what we wanted him to do. Well, duh. Oh, and he kept repeating "two coats of primer".

The second guy the Guy and I saw (this time he was home because it was early evening) seemed very organized, outright said he wanted the job because later on, we might call him back because it was apparent our house needed work not just on the trim, and gave us an estimate of around $5K. Also, there are a few homes in our neighborhood which could use some work as well. He sent us a written estimate the following day via email, with cost additions in case we decided to have work done on the stucco, etc. Gutters an extra $600. His guys would be finished in about a week, and he said he sends his crew out on only one job at a time.

The third guy we saw last night gave everything a cursory view. He works for a fairly large company in the area. He gave a quote of about $2500, including new gutters, and sending out a couple of guys to replace or repair as they went along, and be done in about a week. Also, like the others, included a water wash of the trim. There was some confusion at first about what he meant by a couple of terms, but that was clarified.

This afternoon there's another one coming (Guy won't be here, though) and then on Saturday, the final one, in the morning.

We're both leaning toward the well-organized go-getter guy we both saw who is going to charge about $5K. They have all seemed up front that for them, repairing and painting trim is a small job to them...but what few of them quite seem to "get" is that to us, it's NOT just a minor job. If it doesn't go well, we won't want anyone else in our house mucking about updating, say, the 1950s bathroom or the tiny one-person kitchen, or, god forbid, finally renovate our garage into an actual office for the Guy that he's been dreaming about since we moved in here!
I just brushed another chihuahua sized clump of undercoat from Goldy's coat. I've been brushing him steadily for short stretches for about three weeks now, and holy hairball. I thought I was making sure he was brushed and declumped. But whoa, Goldy! He's got a whole pack of chihuahuas buried in there.  It's a slow process, and I don't want to ship him off to a groomers and risk making him paranoid about groomers because of his thick fur coat. I don't trust that the groomers I know of (low paid and generally students in Just a Job) are really going to treat him well. He's getting up there in age. His face is all white now compared to the icon photo.
At 11 :45am (give or take) the house started shaking, and Mermaid, Little Guy, Mermaid's tutor, me, and the dog, raced outside once we realized that the shaking wasn't stopping like it usually does. It was loud, I could see the roof above me moving, but nothing fell off shelves and no one else in the neighborhood ran out of their house except our immediate neighbor.

Other than that scare, and the fact the telephones and cell phones were out for about 10-15 minutes, that was it.

Makes me glad my house sits on a concrete slab that rides the earth like a surfboard.


And now the Guy is watching Stargate: Continuum on Blu-ray on the PS3.  :::rolls eyes:::  I've no interest in watching it.
Just a few days ago, I went and bought an original model Dyson vacuum. I happily went and vacuumed my living room and den rug (a dense shag thing, ten years old at least by now) and filled the clear container in a few minutes. I called it a day.

To make sure the rug was nice and spiffy-dust-free for when my mother arrives, I vacuumed again today. Damn. That container on the vac filled up *again* to the full mark. Tons of doghair. Tons of dust, of which we get a lot of, seeing as how we're next to several freeways. Holy crap.

I think I'll have to start vacuuming *every day* to keep up with the crud in the carpet. 

I'm sneaky

Feb. 29th, 2008 06:39 pm
 A couple of days ago, I went to Target, after much hemming and hawing and finally bought a mini-stairstepper.  Mostly, I bought at first for me to use, when I'm watching TV, or to use in the morning after taking the kids to school: I've been finding lots of reasons not to go to the YMCA lately (bad bad me).

What *happened* is, while the kids are in front of the TV, one of them is almost always on it now, stepping away! Heh. 

This resembles the model I bought.  Even the Guy hopped on it a few times last night. He was surprised that it gave him as much of a workout as it did - it was working muscles of his he hadn't used in a long time!

Now, if only I can get a turn on the silly thing!
I have a huge stack of Everyday Foods magazines (those are the digest sized mags published by Martha Stewart but have some excellent information in them) that I hardly ever look through. I'm slowly going through them and removing the pages with recipes on them that look like I'd actually USE. I also have a few cookbooks that I'm probably going to photocopy pages and resize into the same digest size as the EF pages.

My goal is to eventually have my own personalized recipe book that's organized the way *I* want it organized, with the pages laminated so I don't have to worry about getting the pages smeared and ruined by ingrediants. It would be really cool to have them on a ring, so that I could move the week's recipes into the front section, write down a list for what I need, and then combine that list with a checklist of pantry items.

Do I ever think I'm ever going to get that organized? I laugh at myself, but the idea intrigues me. 

Right now, I'm back to winging it every night, and I hate that. I love the idea of Saving Dinner's weekly list, all ready and prepared, but as I went on with it, even though the recipes were often very tasty and I'd make them again, I'd buy ingrediants that would go to waste or would total more than I wanted to spend. Of course, now I'm spending more than I want to by winging it!
 Pillsbury Toaster Scramble Egg, Bacon and Cheese Biscuits (or whatever they want to call them) are addictive. They're better and tastier than they have any right to be. I hate you, Pillsbury! 

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Well, the heater pooped out on us about five weeks ago, and I finally called the fix-it repairman yesterday. He's here now, fixing it. Apparently the mother board (!) on the machine died on us. It's a 13 year old model. We've already spent going on $2300 bucks on this thing in the past year, if not more. Yeah, I think it's time for a new one. We're going to have to save up, though. Maybe in a couple of years.



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