Mythbusters is hands down my favorite reality/science show. Why? Well, it's fun as hell. Sure, they like explosions and making things go boom. But what I appreciate the most is how the producers show (or used to show) the process of how the cast figured out how to test the different myths. It's slowly edged away from showing them using equations to figure out what they need, and how they decide to use one machine instead of another. But hey, it's still using the scientific method, and got my daughter and son interested in how science works. Now, that ain't bad at all for a "silly" science show. I wish Junkyard Wars was still on, since that had a lot of the same sort of cleverness in it, too. Ah well.

Unfortunately, as the show moves on in years, and has settled down with its cast, I'm finding myself missing, more and more, Scottie Chapman. She featured in the earlier seasons, and it was absolutely awesome (truly) how they showed Scottie, famed for her tattoos, soldering metal, cutting metal, working with metal, making the gadgets the team used to figure out how to prove or disprove the sometimes WTF myths they were supposed to bust.

Here's Scottie, if you don't remember who she is, exactly:
Now, Kari Byron (see the above picture)--she was trained as a fine artist, and does do some work on the show demolishing things--but more often than not, you see her taking a back-seat to the guys. IE, they'll be jumping out of airplanes or bungee jumping while she's driving the car. (she may have been pregnant during those shoots, so, okay, no problem there)  But she's not quite as involved in the down and dirty machining as Scottie was.

And when Scottie was there at the same time as Kari, you got some great scenes with just the two of them science geeking it out. They had a decent dynamic, and it was a great relief from all the testosterone that flowed on the set later on. Sure, they're all science/explosion/SFX geeks on Mythbusters, but I really miss having two women simultaneously on the show, sometimes in the same scenes, working on the same projects.

Don't get me wrong; it's still my favorite go-to show when I want to watch something fun, clever, silly (except when Ghost Adventures fills that bill nicely and I want male eye-candy) and with a mystery to be worked out.

But Mythbusters: can't you please have another woman on the set? And not just a "mythtern". A full-fledged Mythbuster team member. It would make THIS fan happy as happy can be. It's a mystery that should be busted as to why there's only one woman now on the cast.


Mar. 23rd, 2009 07:08 pm
There was an article in the Sunday Mar 22 LA Times about the Mentalist. I thought this was interesting. Like other procedural shows, 60% of its audience is women 18 and over.

And, "Despite conventional pressure to remain in familiar narrative territory on a network, the show is trying to avoid predictable story lines, said Heller. (the show's creator) For instance, those fans hoping for a love connection between the show's stars may be disappointed. It's unlikely--neither actor wants to explore that well-worn territory for now.

"I feel like Simon (who plays the lead character) is my brother," said Tunney (she plays the female head detective). "I don't know what would happen if we took the show down that road. I don't feel we have to."

Well, much as I'd like to believe that they'll never go down that road, there's too much precedent for badly thought through romance on shows like this between male and female leads.  The shippers always seem to win, and with that large of a female audience, you know they're getting a shitload of mail trying to get the leads together. Of course that's why the second leads are having a UST thing going on that they can not consummate because the female in the equation is too effing smart (so far) to go down that road. But you know they will. At some point, especially when the ratings start to droop.

And as soon as they do, either "couple", this show is ded. Ded, ded, ded.

My FAVORITE moment in the most recent episode of Psych is when Shawn tells Gus that Henry will get over being pissed at him for not going fishing: Shawn will go over there, make-up, and then they'll watch two hours of the Mentalist.


Nice to know Shawn watches the Mentalist, too! I'd love to be a fly on the wall and listen to *their* commentary.

Garret Dillahunt's on Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (my new favoritest show).

In his role on SCC, the dude's played several roles: a smarmy C-grade actor in Hollywood, whose face is stolen (through plastic surgery) by a Terminator from the future. Then he plays the emotionless Terminator called Cromartie. While he's Cromartie, SCC shows the real person actor in a really bad movie. Wow, nice muscles. And now that Cromartie's brain chip has been destroyed, his body is being used by a new AI called John Henry, who is being 'raised' by a liquid metal terminator disguised as the owner of a high tech company.

And he's done a really good job. And, through wiki, I now find out he's been in Deadwood, X-Files, NYPD Blue, Life, Damages, and the 4400. AND he's been in the superviolent No Country for Old Men. ( And he's one year older than me!)

Now, didn't I say the cast for T:SCC was hot? I left out the guy who plays the Terminator. My mistake!

And of course, since I'm such an on-line TV duh, I only JUST found out that you can watch full length episodes on Fox of the earlier part of season 2 of Terminator: SCC. It's weirdly lacking episodes one and two, but...okay. Whatever.

Oh, dudes! They got rid of John Connor's ridiculous bangy emo-hair! And now the actor really DOES look 15 or 16.

I'm a big fan of humor. Who isn't? Who doesn't love to laugh, cry and generally have a very emotive experience over their favorite characters? A few days ago I asked about SG-1 fics because that's the only fandom I've gotten into that deep for.

One of my favorite writers EVER in the humor genre (of the tongue in cheek variety) is Tiffany Park. She also specializes in writing about SG-3, whose commander of Colonel Makepeace who has a healthy and unrepentant rivalry with Colonel O'Neill of SG-1. And that SG-1-- they have the weirdest experiences that makes a red-blooded marine just roll his eyes...until he's in the middle of a genuine, off-beat SG-1 adventure centered in a Amazonian medieval culture. You never know who, or what, is going to be in the Gift Exchange. Every member of the team, SG-1 and SG-3 gets a fun characterization in this gem.

If you like horror, and the feeling that not everything was always so safe and mild going through the Stargate, check out River Run, wherein the stalwart SG-3 lead by Makepeace gets to battle a vicious, sneaky...well, you have to read it to believe it. SG-1 makes an appearance, too.

Watch O'Neill outmaneuver Makepeace in a battle of the ...bunnies? But, who really wins here? Just in time for Easter, too!

If you hate Spiders, you won't want to read this one. It reminds me a very creepy television episode of The Outer Limits (the new version) from a few years ago. Brrr. Makepeace and O'Neill battle spiders that have invaded the SGC. Eeek!

Check out the rest! And remember: set your tongue in cheek (except for the serious fics in there-and they are in there) and enjoy!

She's even got a couple of short Supernatural fics, and some Starsky and Hutch and Andromeda going on in there, too.

BSG 4:11

Jan. 17th, 2009 10:53 am
I'm still thinking, Holy Crap! because the implications Moore and buddies have brought into play are, if not entirely a surprise, unexpected in its expression.

Cut for more talk about the episode and spoilers galore! )

And that's it for now. Any opinons on what you think is going on?

He had dinner last night with Mallozzi. Saw the sets. Read some scripts.

Even so, I have very little hopes that this show is going to be any good. It's a step in the right direction (very small step) along with the casting of a reputedly very good actor from across the pond. But still...
Oh my. The expectations of SG-1 fans when a favorite from that show is shown on the final episode of its spin-off, Atlantis.

Carter was *there*! Why did she not use her stupendous, brilliant brain to solve the problem and get right to it? Huh? Huh?

Now, think about it for a moment. Is she the current star of Atlantis? Is she the resident brain or even ONE of its resident brains? Is it called "Stargate: Atlantis: Carter"?  WHO and WHAT is that show all about? Now, think on this for a few minutes. That's right.

Now, what is your conclusion?

Think on this, then: virtually every base commander has huge responsibilities...usually to give commands and make command decisions. That means that base commanders can't futz around in laboratories, nor spend time diddling around with the problem when they have a larger view to take--that of EVERY one under their command. And yes, that means even temporary base commanders.

Now, think on this. Had Carter used her Commander Cojones to ORDER Sheppard to the Ancient's Chair at Area 51 right off the bat, no wasting time on stupid heroics, the chair would have not been destroyed, and the entire final section of the battle would have been avoided. In effect, it's CARTER'S fault that the earth is now defenseless!

Of course, none of this is the *character's" faults. They're only as stupid as the writers who write them, and man, everyone (except Zelenka) shared in massive stupidity in the final episode of Atlantis.

So, dear SG-1 fans who love, of course she wasn't going to Save the Day (tm). That was not her job. Too bad her many scenes eliminated so many from Teyla. I would have appreciated more lines and scenes with her.
No Vala in the next movie? Light the fireworks, break open the champagne, and let's have a party!

It's back to the original team, which to me is the best thing of all. No word yet about Mitchell? He's a nonentity anyhow, but I do love seeing him on screen together with Michael Shanks, so fine with me there. The Guy is sure to buy the movie. Maybe I'll even watch this one.

blows a noisemaker

Edited to add: Hey all! If Vala is entitled to be in the movie simply because she's a member of SG-1, then let's TOTALLY get mad at Brad Wright for not including Jonas, okay? Okay? Because we can't play favorites amongst the team, past or present! Cuz if HE could be on the team, ANY old tramp could be on the team!

Tapping's SGA Departure Wasn't Fair
It was widely known that Amanda Tapping would leave her role, as station commander of Atlantis, because she had signed on to be a cast member of Sanctuary this fall.

But the way she left Atlantis, happy, optimistic, receiving an undiluted praise for a job well done from Rodney (no small thing), only to arrive on Earth to meet her replacement, who was curt, uninformative and incredibly cold and insensitive. Yes, it was an awkward situation for him, but it was also a miserable way to say goodbye to a wonderful character who contributed so much to the SG mythos and is loved by so many of the SG fans.

Amanda Tapping, Samantha Carter and the SG fans deserved a much more positive, respectful celebration of a heroine's departure. Robert Picardo does a great job as the quite contradictory and complex character he is supposed to be. I loved his performance in Voyager and believe that he is equally successful in the Stargate saga. Doubtless he will be as lovably irritating in his new role. It's a great plot idea. But Picardo too would have been better served by a more nuanced explanation of Sam's departure from Atlantis. Instead, what Sam and her fans received was a slap in the face.

Not nice, not nice at all.
Feel the whine

Oh my god, dumbass, SHE DECIDED to do this ON HER OWN!

She did a job well-done?

Respectful departure? Hey, at least they gave her one, you know?

Oh, poor fans. Can I slap you, too?
Charlie B.
charlieb140 AT mchsi DOT com

Isn't this guy missing the fact she was barely IN the series to begin with?

(this letter brought to you by SciFi Letters 
That is all. And I'm heartbroken. 

Note: I was away this past weekend, and only saw an announcement on a forum (not OS, btw) about it just now. Sorry if this brings up "old news" but I'm shocked. I had NO idea.
Darn it, so the Ori *don't* burn Vala up again in Ark? What a missed opportunity. I guess if I want to see her fry, I'll have to see that particular season 9? 10? episode come around again on SciFi. 

Edited to add: Or, I *could* just buy the season 9 DVD set for $20 at Target.  Then I could watch Vala burn as many times I want to...but then, I'd rather spend that money on the third season of Monk, or the second season of Dead Like Me or the third season of X-Files.
Wow, I actually think there's some hope for the newest direct to DVD Stargate movie. Tomin's in it, and he's been the focus of a lot of the publicity still releases. I hope it doesn't mean he's set up for a bad, bad fall. It'd be very bad for Vala to end up like Carter, the black widow for male characters. Aside from maybe Teal'c he's had the most improvement in character arc: he's gone from Believer to Rebel, while Vala's gone from Adult Sexy Thief to Winsome Girl-Child, a real backslide.  And it's the characters that *change* in a positive way that tend to be the focus of a story.

Aaaand, BETHANY is back on Boston Legal! I forgot to mention anything about it when I saw the show last week, but I was so happy to see the actress and the character back on Boston Legal, and opposite Shirley (Candice Bergman) to boot! Yay!  And I also loved how Shirley admitted she didn't necessarily *like* Bethany, but she *respected* her abilities and looked forward to tangling with her again in the courtroom. 

I think Bethany adds a very needed firecracker personality to Boston Legal which it's sorely lacking. Alan is muted, Shirley is muted, and the other two women on the show are mild and have different uses.  



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