I'm a member of an on-line scrapbook club -- meaning, you pay a subscription, and get the kit in the mail. It's a pretty cool business they have. For a while, I was having them send two sheets of unmounted rubber stamps (one an alphabet font, one of decorative motifs that fit the kit's theme) for a few months. On top of that, I was also buying up UM rubber stamp sheets from previous kits.  Last night, I did inventory and entered all the UM sheets I had (in order not to buy duplicates) and discovered that OMG, I have 33 sheets. 

And what do I have to do now? I have to start cutting them up and organizing them, so I can actually USE them!  I figure if I do one sheet a day (5"x8.5") I should be done with them in about a month!

I've also got tons of wood-mounted stamps, now, too. The kits come with one or two rubber stamps in it, AND I went out and hunted down or bought the other stamps I wanted on the website:  Club Scrap  . 

Guh. Now I have to figure out where to start!

If you were there, you know what this was -- and if you weren't there, I'll tell you anyway!

Pasadena Grand Slam, 2004, OS Party at Moose MacGillycuddy's Bar & Grill. These are only a few select photos from it, of course. The group photo isn't the best. It's dark and grainy. I'm waiting to order it from Annie.

Blast from the past, eh?
I took a short break from the computer -- it was like turning on a quicksand blender and not being able to come out, so I didn't get on it for a couple of days, and it was *nice*. I got to read "Pet Sematary" by Stephen King. Old concepts, newish remix, tons of cliche, but sometimes that's the kind of book-snacking that's nice to read up on.

I wrote a bunch on my NaNo project a couple of days ago on my PDA or desktop, and then when I went to Update the link between the two, over 4000 words ended up being wiped out of existence. I was back to 21600 words! AUGH! So I've decided I'm going to solely write the NaNo on my PDA and only update on the computer AFTER I've made a back-up file on the 1-gig chip on the PDA FIRST. ::headdesk:: I am currently back up to 23050 words. Not too bad after being shell-shocked with the loss of wordage. It does mean I'm behind, though. Today is the seventeenth, and that means I *should* be up to 28339 words by now. That's about 5200 words behind. *sighs*

Let's see....and I also, to my utter perplexity, subscribed for six months to http://www.clubscrap.com.

This crafty stuff is a complete money suck. I was just at the local Michael's today and picked up a bracelet thing that had space for five tiny itty bitty photographs on it (miniframes) - and some sparkly svorsky crystal bead things - both of which I had no clear idea wtf I wanted to do with them; just that it seems a good idea at the time. Then time grew short, had to go pick up Little Guy, and ditched to the two tiny packages on a shelf somewhere (bad me, I know, should've reshelved). But there's so much neat STUFF out there now! It's amazing!



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