What were you afraid of a few years ago that you're no longer afraid of?
(#70) Would you eat a worm sandwich if you'd get to be on your favorite TV show or meet a favorite TV or movie star or musician?

Would I eat a worm sandwich to meet a favorite TV star? Well, considering at this point in time, I could go to a convention (if I *reallyreally* wanted) I wouldn't have to eat a worm sandwich. But if there weren't conventions to meet your favorite star, would you?

No, I'd never eat worms, even if it meant I could meet...well...hmm. I'll have to think about who I'd want to meet!

If for an hour you could ask your parents any questions you wanted and knew they'd tell you the absolute unvarnished truth, what would you ask? Pretend they'd answer every question and then forget they'd even talked to you. (#268)

That's a question, isn't it? Hmm. I'll have to think about this one.

What were your reactions when you were 19 and 20, and you were suddenly expecting a child?
What do you *really* think about your sisters and brothers and your parents?
Are you disappointed with me? Do you sometimes wish I was more like my brother or sister?
Where do you get your motivation?

And I'm sure there are others...but there are questions I don't think I'd want answered, frankly. I'd want the option to forget the answers, too, if I didn't like what I heard.




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