Oh my. The expectations of SG-1 fans when a favorite from that show is shown on the final episode of its spin-off, Atlantis.

Carter was *there*! Why did she not use her stupendous, brilliant brain to solve the problem and get right to it? Huh? Huh?

Now, think about it for a moment. Is she the current star of Atlantis? Is she the resident brain or even ONE of its resident brains? Is it called "Stargate: Atlantis: Carter"?  WHO and WHAT is that show all about? Now, think on this for a few minutes. That's right.

Now, what is your conclusion?

Think on this, then: virtually every base commander has huge responsibilities...usually to give commands and make command decisions. That means that base commanders can't futz around in laboratories, nor spend time diddling around with the problem when they have a larger view to take--that of EVERY one under their command. And yes, that means even temporary base commanders.

Now, think on this. Had Carter used her Commander Cojones to ORDER Sheppard to the Ancient's Chair at Area 51 right off the bat, no wasting time on stupid heroics, the chair would have not been destroyed, and the entire final section of the battle would have been avoided. In effect, it's CARTER'S fault that the earth is now defenseless!

Of course, none of this is the *character's" faults. They're only as stupid as the writers who write them, and man, everyone (except Zelenka) shared in massive stupidity in the final episode of Atlantis.

So, dear SG-1 fans who love Carter...no, of course she wasn't going to Save the Day (tm). That was not her job. Too bad her many scenes eliminated so many from Teyla. I would have appreciated more lines and scenes with her.
It's all over my flist--Atlantis cancelled. After a five year run with a turnstile for the actors and halfway through a new set of producers, it was finally officially canned by SciFi.

Did you really want to continue twisting in the wind with the pallid story-lines, revolving cast, and improbable romantic relationships? Would it *really* be desirable to have it spiral down in quality even *more*?
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I'll have to get an Atlantis icon today, I think.  I have one! I have one!

And those are my thoughts on Picardo, MacGillion and Shanks. 

What do YOU think?



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