Aside from all the swarming and kid-drama and so forth, my ASUS arrived yesterday! Yay!

It's really very cool, and I highly recommend it to anyone on my flist who can't afford a full-size laptop, yet still wants one to schlep around with during the day when they have the urge to write. I'll give a more detailed personal review (there are plenty of professional reviews online) of my experience with the one I've got in a while: I have to take some pictures of my new baby. It costs about the same as a super-fancy business PDA; only with a larger screen, and a keyboard included! Cool!

Just so you know? It gets GREAT internet reception, and it's the easiest thing in the world to find a wireless connection with the program installed on the Asus.
 Er... sort of what I mean.  :-)

Meaning, and I *know* this is piddly to those Excel experts amongst my flist, but I *finally* learned how to make a subtraction formula, and place it in the correct cell, in order to get the result I wanted!

What I did was translate a Food Diary book (Calorie King's) into my PDA Pocket Excel. It mimics the paper Diary's pages *exactly (down to the line count) BUT I added in sum columns for the calory counts and for the Exercise column, too. And from there I added a Net Calorie cell which subtracted the total exercise negative calories from the food calories, to get my total result! Whee!

I'm going to make enough copies of that spreadsheet to take me through to the end of March. Is there an upper limit to how many pages of worksheets there can be?

Oh, and I *also* killed some time while the kids were playing in an indoor playground with a bounce house in it (yay!) by creating an Excel Month Calender. Oh, sure sure, the PDA has a calender for appointments and stuff like that, but I needed an undated calender to create a Food Planner/Scheduler. I'm sure there's a lot I can do with it, like hyper link from the cell to the recipe list I need...I just don't know how to do that.

And now I should get writing on my new project, The Sandbox...or maybe In The Box, whatever. I'm spinning the characters out of the air right now, trying to figure out who the kids are, and what it is they find, and if it's SF or F or what!

Oh, and Tiv? My trigger finger is sooo itchy. It's still hovering over that buy button on Amazon. The Asus is even on the Buy List, just waiting, waiting, waiting...  ::::finger twitches::::



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