The engine meaning me and my iffy starter motor, if you want to take the analogy further.

Level 1 of RIP30 (Ripped in Thirty by Jillian Michaels) just about knocked me out on Wednesday. So did my usual stretching routine with the 30 second plank--which, I have discovered, is much *easier* when I hold myself up from my hands and not my elbows! Elbows are supposedly easier! I guess not!

It hasn't helped I've had a three day (this is the third day) tension headache. There might be some visual migraine in there, too. But I'm not sure. Ah, what is a visual, ie ocular migraine, you ask? It's when you get the visual auras in your eyes, but usually none of the migraine *pain*. BUT, with me, when I do get them, my brain slows down, I speak slower, and my brain simply doesn't process information at its usual rate. Meaning, there's still a "brain storm" going on, but I don't feel it.

In any case, the extended tension headache/whatever it is made me cancel out on my very much looked forward to Dog Assessments volunteer hours at the local rescue shelter. Majorly bummed about that. Just couldn't get any good sleep last night because I couldn't get comfortable with the headache and neck tension. Ugh. (I'm starting to think I need a new eye glasses prescription...wonderful...that's going to have to wait)

Today, if I can recover a bit from the headache after taking more Ibuprofen, I'll do a workout. Maybe not RIP30. Maybe kettlebell with Paul Katami. Or kickboxing. I've no idea. Just trying to keep my interest up.

Okay, ouch. Need to go do piled up dishes before they drive me nuts.

Later, gators!

PS: Life is othewise going well. I'm dreading the start of early school hours on Monday, let me tell you! I haven't been able to get up earlier than 10am for three weeks. Not.Good.
But not for me--Mermaid. The Guy is with her at the moment. She's supposed to go into the operation room in about twenty minutes or so. I was with her all day through an early re-evaluation appt with her doc(she went yesterday, too), and then to a CT scan four hours later, and then directly to the hospital from there. We're pooped.

After she goes in, my husband and I will trade places so we're not dragging her little brother to the hospital over and over. I am so tired.    She's not exactly thrilled either, since the only things she's eaten all day were a banana and some peanut butter at 9am. I don't know how long her recovery will take. And here we thought it was the flu. 


UPDATE: 10:00pm  After being in surgery for about 45 minutes? or so, Mermaid is out. Her appendix wasn't in the acute stage-otherwise, the surgeon told her, she'd have been writhing in pain, throwing up, etc etc etc. But it did have to come out. She's now in recovery. The Guy is waiting for the okay to see her, and then he'll call me. Tall Boy will probably stay home. Depending on what Mermaid wants, I may or may not stay with her overnight. That also depends on what the hospital policy is.

Also, The Guy says that there are news crews out in front of the hospital. He has no idea why. I think I'll look it up.
Huh, everytime I come back here to LJ, it's slightly changed.

What's going on...I spent two weeks without my ADHD medication. I'd been on it for about two months before that, and wasn't 100% sure if it was really helping me focus & get my shit together. But with two weeks off it, yeah, there's a difference. The Guy, who seemed happy enough with me before, started getting highly irate with me notably while I was off the stuff. (it's a monitored substance-eek!-and I had a hard time getting to the doc's office for a refill RX) So, back we're going to our couple's therapist on Monday. He's severely ticked off with me this time.  *sighs*

Mermaid has some sort of gut-flu, so she was out of school yesterday and today. Her abdomen hurt terribly. I took her in to see the doc, who ordered a CT scan this afternoon. BUT Mermaid has a real phobia about needles, and started freaking out about having an IV done to get the imaging junk into her system. I'm waiting for her doctor to call me back so I can see if Mermaid can drink the stuff instead. But I don't know if that'll give the doc the info she'll need.  At first the doc was afraid Mermaid had appendicitus, but her white blood cell count wasn't up. Mermaid almost passed out after the blood drawing yesterday. Code Blue. She had three nurses hovering over her taking her blood pressure, giving her juice, and all that until she felt well enough to walk to the car.

Now she can't eat or drink until after her appt at 2:30. She's really hungry now. Poor kid. And I have to go take Tall Boy out of school early today because I won't be able to pick him up at 3pm.

And I'm really wanting a dog now. I have a class today at the shelter about how to handle shy dogs. It's one hour, so that shouldn't be too bad. But I want to take home at least half the bowsers there. There are also a bunch of really cute cats, too. (can't get near them, tho. :(  )
Yellow Fever Dean Winchester

She's a Dean girl, folks.

She thinks that Sam is a Damsel in Distress (ie the Girl) because he's the one *always* being caught, captured, etc etc.

Eek, it's been too long again!

Mermaid is out with her Venture Crew troop to build a Pumpkin Chunkin' trebuchet. I have no idea if they'll be able to finish building it, let alone get to the point where they can hurl little decorative pumpkins across a desert field!

I have finished with Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. Tomorrow I'm starting with Level 2 for ~10 days. There are a lot of planks in this new level, and at this point, I can only hold a plank (on my elbows, because my wrists aren't strong enough yet) for about 30 seconds. The AM PM Stretching DVD I do almost every day incorporates a fair amount of Hatha Yoga poses like Downward Dog. The first time I did the Downward Dog, I couldn't hold it for more than a second-I don't think I could even get up in that position at all! After about two months of doing it regularly, I can hold the DDog, do the calf stretches Madeleine Lewis has you do during it, and barely break a sweat. So, I'm happy with that! And that overall, I'm a lot more flexible than I was when I started out.

My left hip barely hurts at all now; just twinges if I move in odd way. No limp that Mermaid can see, but sometimes I can feel me moving as if I still had pain there--hard habit to break after four months of walking funny to compensate for the hip.

I've gone through all the trainings for the local no-kill pet shelter nearby. Now I just have to get my butt over there and start *doing* things. Which means I have to break my computer internet habit. I'm also worried I'm going to get too attached to a dog, and not be able to bring it home. OMG, dogs are wonderful. I *am* going to want to bring one home.

And...what else... Well, here's a layout to get you in the Halloween mood!


Why, you ask?

She has discovered

She even watched several episodes of Season 1 on her iPhone in school on Friday. BTW, her boyfriend got her into it. I was just waiting for the match to light, to be honest!

PS, if there are any NON Wincest fanfics out there that you all-knowing SPN fans know of that are well-written and are  reminiscent of the show itself, if you could post the URL for me, so I can email those links to her?
2012_07_08-2GuysFromItaly-c - Copy
2012_07_12-SummerBucketList - Copy
2012_07_16-LazyRiverHH-copy - Copy
2012_07_16-Merboy-hh-copy - Copy
2012_08_07-16-26-SchoolHard - Copy
2012_09_16-Unsummer-Wish-Li - Copy

You'll notice a huge difference between the Summer  Bucket list and Unsummer wishlist!

This month (September) I've been stretching daily to a DVD called AM PM Stretching. It's excellent. Today, though, I realized how much my prescription Ibuprofen was helping with the sciatica pain. Ouch!

Mermaid is, go figure, frustrated at how laid-back the teachers are at her new high school. She got used to rigorous academic instruction that challenged her (even if she didn't like some of the teachers) at her old school. She's taking AP Art and AP English by *choice*! Go her! She's a smart one, my big girl. And talented up the wazoo in art, too.

Tall Boy is adjusting to Middle School. It's subtle, but he's still getting used to having homework from several different teachers in different classes. He was over the moon, though, when he discovered the school had its own server for Minecraft. He stayed after school playing with other geeky game nerds for an hour or so. He's also discovered reading for fun--Diary of a Wimpy Kid is his current favorite series. He whips through each book in a few days. Kind of like how he whips through his games on the computer.

Otherwise, nothing really new here. Hopefully we'll tent the house for termites/bugs soon. We haven't had a chance to do it yet. Money flow, baby! Hopefully I start PT for the ole left hip. Not only is there a some mild osteo-arthritis with 3+ hip spurs going on inside the joint, there's also some sciatica nerve pain. Though whether it's genuine or not, I don't know. What I mean by that is, by definition sciatic pain starts at the spine. Mine might, but I suspect some of the pain is from the nerve being pinched by a muscles (piriformis) that it tunnels through. HOWEVER, that I'm having upper thigh pain indicates I might have the nerve pinched in the spine, too. I just don't know. Hopefully the PT can help me out with exercises I don't know about yet. I've managed to find two or three excellent DVDs that have helped immensely with tight muscles from walking weird and sitting weird and generally having bad postural habits.  Look up Jill Miller on Amazon. Seriously, she's the real deal. I'll review her DVDs soon. They're amazingly effective at unknotting muscles and reducing pain.

And that's it for now!


These are a small taste of our summer. My computer's acting a little wonky. I was going to add more but either it or LJ didn't want me to DL anymore layouts! Anyways, here are a selection of what we've been up to.  ;D
I don't know if I'm as happy as Chowder here in my icon, but I still like that show even if it's been cancelled for a couple of years now.

Updates...we'll be calling the termite tenters probably on Monday to schedule the tenting of our house. Thinking about it, even if we're out for a couple of days, it'll be nice to have ALL the bugs in our house and garage dead. (even the odd mouse or two that's holed up in there). The other guys who came and removed a whole bunch of our junk, including a pile of wood from a few years back after we had a huge tree removed in our backyard (the roots were going under our slab foundation...not good) mentioned that there'd been a nest of rodents in the wood pile. The mice raced off to a back corner of the yard.

We're all still recovering from the flu. Almost over it.
Thank you, FCOL, for the Bronze Pencil! U R v.sweet!  (((((((you)))))))
After his first week of school, Tall Boy came down with a bad cold--a BAD cold. I, of course, caught it, too. He's missed most of his second week of school. I did take him in this morning. The school nurse did say that it was up to me if I left him there or not, but she strongly hinted that I should probably take him home. So, he's back home, after getting some of his homework from the classes.

Now I'm wondering if he has some form of the flu. He doesn't have a temperature, although it is elevated. He doesn't have muscles aches. I, however, have muscle aches. And while I don't technically have a temp (99.1F) after taking a heavy dose of Ibuprofen (600mg) I usually take when my hip flares up, I wonder what it would be if I hadn't taken the medicine!

So he's home playing Mine Craft and with his new cell phone, and I'm sitting here waiting for the junk guys to come and haul off some junk at the side of our house and a pile of termite infested wood. Yay. There goes more money--but I'd like to have that crap all GONE, so it'll be a relief.

The Guy is working two jobs right now--a day job, and an extra job from a client on top of that. We barely see him. Hope that doesn't last too long.

I wonder if I should tell Mermaid to walk the 3 miles home from her school. She has become a Workout Queen. She does P90X and another tough workout with our next door neighbor's daughter (who has lost over 75 pounds now!) who does these workouts twice a day. Every day. Mermaid wants to see her six-pack abdominals above all else. *sighs*  And between my hip, and getting sick, my plans are always derailed. I swear to god I don't plan it that way.
Let's see. I won third place in a store's Olympic scrapbooking contest (that cooincided with the real Olympics in London) in "Gymnastics" with this layout:


Now, I honestly don't remember if I've posted it before, but if I have, so what? What did I win? A $25 gift certificate to the store that held the contest, and $25 in money, to be delivered to my PayPal account. The first and second place winners won more than that, of course. Of the five entries I submitted, three were chosen as finalists (in diff categories), but only this one won the popular vote.

In other news...I'm not so sure there IS any other news. As I've unfortunately told Mermaid, who has latched onto this, I have Goldfish Brain. That means, I have little retentive memory at the moment. Seriously. Lack of sleep? I don't know. But thanks to the medication I've been on for a few months, I have been having some damned good technicolor dreams for the first time in YEARS, just like I used to.
The kids both started school today. Tall Boy is starting his first year of Middle School (nnnoooooooo) and Mermaid is starting at a new High School as a Junior. The traffic was horrible this morning. The streets were clogged with other parents like me, on their way to dropping their kids off. And, of course, we spent a fair amount buying school supplies, some new clothes here and there (Tall Boy has grown over the summer!) and backpacks.

At least I now do not have to drive 10 miles first thing in the morning and then 10 miles to pick up Mermaid from school. With the two schools so close to each other, within half a mile, it won't be nearly so bad. In fact, Mermaid has been talking about using her bicycle to get to school. The heatwave will have to be over, though. It's going to hit 100F at least, this afternoon.

And, in home news, we have a termite infestation. The two companies that came by here last week to give us their estimate both recc'd tenting the damn house. There goes a bunch o' money. Fun.  I have to call them back and let them know who we're hiring. More fun.

A friend of ours called last night about his mini dachshund. Apparently his landlord isn't thrilled with him having the dog now, and his lifestyle has changed so much that he can't keep the little dog. The backstory is that this dog was a surprise gift after his first mini dachshund was hit by a car and killed. (not his fault, someone else was taking care of the first dog) He really loves this dog, but just can't. I called him back after talking to the Guy who does NOT want another dog [he says] to tell him that although we were about the first people he called, if he can't find a home he approves of, THEN we'll take in his dog as a last resort. Even tho we didn't say yes, he sounded relieved.  Me, I know the heartache that goes with having a dog, but then again, I still miss Goldy like crazy and even tho it can be a huge logistical problem having a dog, I miss having one in the house keeping me company.


LOL. We didn't make it to ANY of the museums I listed. Partly due to my hip because up until last week, I was taking two or three 600mg ibuprofen pills a day to keep the inflammation and pain down. It still hurts, but using a foam roller on the tensed muscles has helped a lot. I'm almost ready to SLOWLY get back into exercising. I way overdid it by doing a 50 minute kettle bell routine back in June.

And 42? I wish I knew what that meant, aside from being the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
Did anyone around here feel that? Just a minute ago, at 11:23pm?


Aug. 4th, 2012 08:29 pm
Which means, stuff.

First, here's a recent layout I've done for a Sweet Shoppe Designs competition (based on the Olympics)


I think it came out rather well!

In other news, Mermaid is home and half the time has been off with her boyfriend. It's been not-as-quiet, but nice. Even Tall Boy missed her though you wouldn't have known it until she was back from her trip.

My hip still hurts, BUT since I bought a foam roller and have used it to loosen up the muscles around the joint (top of the leg, the butt, and so forth) the pain has gone down a lot. I still get twinges and big ouches if I move just the wrong way, but I noticed today that I was walking almost normally. I can't go above a walk, though. THEN it starts hurting like crazy and the inflammation gets bad from the spurs in the joint.

Far as I know, we've all been accepted into different health insurances. Mermaid's monthly premium was jacked up 100%. I am going to have to talk to her doctor and see if he'll write a letter telling the company that she wasn't diagnosed with that particular thing. At least, that is what he told *me* a way back.

All the Guy has to do to get back onto cheaper, normal (not HIPAA) insurance is to get that blemish on his face checked out by a dermatologist, biopsied, and then cleared.

Oh, and folks, watch the NASA station/news and see if the Curiosity lands safely! If it does, the Guy gets a contract with JPL activated and he gets more work!

And, for your amusement, a page from the series of five pages from when we went to see it in the laboratory last year!

2011_04_22 JPL Mars Rover visit p1
Mermaid is on her way back from her ten day long trip to Dallas, TX and West Hadfield, MA to visit my mother. My mom took her and her cousin (same age) to New York City for a couple of nights. They saw Spiderman on Broadway and Stomp (which the girls liked better, apparently). And the girls went shopping. They also hung out at my mother's house and played with her two Westies when they weren't on the computer or watching the Olympics or sleeping!

And now I have to go pick up and vacuum. Today is Mermaid's 16th Birthday!!!!!!
Well, our Cal-COBRA runs out at the end of this month. The Guy and I (mostly me) filled out an online form for one of Anthem Blue Cross' much cheaper, comparatively, insurance plans. The kids passed with flying colors, of course, but the Guy and I are relagated to paying for the *more* expensive HIPAA plan.

The Guy was refused because of a visit to his doctor about a facial blemish he was worried about--that should be easy enough to clear up with a biopsy. Me? Not so easy to clear up; I have three bone spurs on my femur in the left hip joint; I've been diagnosed with OCD; and there's a small lump/cyst in my breast. The lump is probably the easiest one to get off the Denial List, with a biopsy. The other two--I have to stay away from medication for OCD/anxiety and 'treatment' (ie, seeing a psych for the above mentioned medication) for two years. The bone spurs in my hip? It's going to take TEN YEARS of clear sailing with no more incidences to get that off their risky list!

So we're hoping that the Guy will be able get on the much cheaper plan with the kids in a few months, and that'll just leave me on the HIPAA plan. And upon reading the fine print on the application for the HIPAA plan, it's very possible to be declined for that, too. If I am, then I'm up shit creek, and have no idea where to go if that happens. We make too much for me to qualify for state health insurance.

Political Rant/skip if not interested

This, people, is why this country needs a national medical insurance plan like what Obama proposed. So that EVERYONE, even those deemed 'too risky', can get coverage that isn't going to bankrupt them. I get superheated HOT ANGRY every time the republicans try to upend the law. What have they got against people getting health coverage? What have they got about average, middle class to poor women getting health coverage? There they are, flying around in expensive private jets, while every flight they make could pay for dozens of medical procedures; and look at the incredible health care those bozos get just for getting elected! And they get to keep it after they step down!



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