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 I listed WHAT I want to accomplish this year, but in the meantime I've been going through my calendar to figure out *when* and in *what order* to do these things. The Camp NaNo's are giving me some structural goals. 

The Camp NaNo's are in April and July and NaNoWriMo is in November, of course. Right now I'm stuck with Blue&Bronze Book 3. I know what I think I want the story to be, but it's not coming together in my head. Sitting there with a notebook and pen isn't helping, and neither was my personal deadline of starting it in the next couple of weeks. My brain has noped out of that pressure. So instead I'm going to work on either DireWolf&Coyote's sequel OR finish Diary of a Were-Dog which is where Dire Wolf come from. 

So, here the possible schedule:

Jan - work on story and outline for DIre Wolf - and revision for Blue&Bronze Book 1
Feb - start writing Dire Wolf sequel - continue revision of Book 1
Mar - Dire Wolf sequel writing - Book 1 revision (however long it takes)
Apr - Camp NaNo - power through the last 50,000 words of sequel (and revision of Book 1)
May - finish up sequel, let it sit. Work at finishing story for Were-Dog
June - Were-Dog writing - revision continued for Book 1, maybe some story work on Book 3
July - Camp NaNo finish up Were-Dog if it's not done yet. If it is power through the revision
Aug - Start writing Book 3 of Blue&Bronze
Sept - repeat, and work on Book 1 revision if not finished by this time 
Oct - repeat. And same on through November and December. 

The interface for this is funky - on DreamWidth I'm only getting part of the writing box showing, and the text is not scrolling down so I can see what I'm writing. Frustrating and strange. 

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