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Seriously, I haven't posted since January? Wow, so not what I was planning.

What's been happening in Casa Gategrrl? Not much. Really. No snowstorms here in Los Angeles, so we're missing out on that excitement (yay!). My mom was smart and rented a house somewhere in Florida for the month. She's finally sick enough of the winters in Massachusetts that she's gone to where the snow don't ever fall!

Mermaid got straight A's last semester, something she's been aiming for for a while. She also had an emergency appendectomy at the end of November (did I mention that? I'm not sure). There's some tissue adherence where the doctor went in to remove the appendix, but that's it these days.

I've moved predominately to the iPad Mini the Guy got me for Xmas. It's pretty much what I always wanted out of a PDA (remember those little things?) but didn't have. I sent my Nook Color to my mom. She was sick of her paper style screen of her early edition Nook.

And what else...I'm sorry if I've been missing out on news, etc. I'm planning on being more diligent about my LJ friends. I've known many of your for years-longer than I've known many in-person friends.  And, I'm also on Skype and when I'm not out or making dinner, I'm available for chats. Even chats with a camera! Whee!

The Guy still does NOT want a dog in the house. He's almost become militant about it. Granted, dogs do cost money to keep, and lately, money has been a tight commodity in our house. So I still volunteer at Best Friends Shelter down the road (reminds me, I should go in this weekend, get some hours in with the pups).

And that's it for now.  I hope everyone's doing well. Or, well enough.
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